Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mama Means Business...

To say that my children are behaving like wild beasts strung out on some substance that makes them seemingly unable to control themselves or the volume at which they speak or make noise would be....

A VAST UNDERSTATEMENT. And a run-on sentence.

I am losing my mind.

I am losing my patience. Not losing's completely and utterly gone.

I am taking them to the pool today even if it does thunderstorm.

I am going to make them swim and swim and SWIM and if that does not burn off enough energy then I will follow them as they walk jog the 8 miles home.

And then maybe, just maybe, tomorrow when I politely ask them to BE QUIET and STOP KILLING ONE ANOTHER they will stop and think...

I better listen to her. She means business. Remember yesterday when she made us tread water for four hours and then jog 8 miles home?

Who am I kidding. They'll never remember that long.

I love Summer, right?!?


  1. I LOVE THIS! I too live in your world! My boys are doing exactly the same as yours . . . I too am going CRAZY!

    Maybe we should get together!

    Hugs and love,

  2. hahahaha! i only have one little boy and sometime he drive me to insanity so i'm not sure how you do it with 3! but i think your strategy sounds life-saving! good luck:)

  3. Four kids and a carefully constructed calendar for the summer "fun" activities and I still feel just like you do! I like the jogging home idea, mind if I steal it?

    I consider each day survived a victory.

  4. it's a perfect pool day! too bad my boys are g.o.n.e.~

  5. in five years you are soooo gonna laugh at this post!

    you are also gonna love Jr Boys Camp week.

    Ahhhhhh... the quiet!!!! it is amazing~

    Daniel and I are having fun!!!

  6. My sentiments exactly.

    I wish I had an 8 mile trek to threaten mine with... except of course it would mean that *I* would have to walk it too...

    I'm not much of a fan of punishments that punish me as much as it does them.

    But I absolutely relate to this statement... Absolutely relate... I love summer, right?!?

  7. Oh you made me laugh. Now hopefully I'll make you.
    I have the perfect thing for you to say:
    Tell them If they don't behave you'll jerk a knot in their tail.
    I was reading Fransmamma's blog and she was talking about phrases people use. Someone commented that her Granny used to say this all the time to them. It's funny right?
    Okay, I thought is was, but then I think making your kids tread water and walk home is funny too. She should make a stop at Sonic too just for good measure, thirsty? You got 4 miles till your home dude.

  8. Hope to see you there! Yeah it's hot!!

  9. lol. My kids are still in school, but my time is coming.


  10. LOL!!!

    I used to make mine run laps around the house!

  11. I. HEAR. YOU.!

    That is SOOO my life right now, thought the warm weather would help...I think it's made it worse!

    Here's hoping the pool helped and they ran off all that extra energy little boys seem to aquire over the course of the day.

  12. I am so glad to know there are other Moms out there counting the days till school starts again!

  13. Glad I'm not the only one ready to pull out my hair.
    I send mine out to jump on the trampoline for as long as possible and it's never enough.
    oh well, One day we'll look back and miss these days, not yet but someday.
    Hope it gets better!

    ps: I think the sun is pure sugar for my kids:)

  14. You DO love summer, you DO love summer, you DO love summer. I say just put the three of them in a room together, lock it, and come back in a couple days to see which one dominated. I'm going with Jakob.

  15. They will remember it all right... in 25 years when they have kids of their own... it'll make a great story. "We had it SO rough as kids; our mom made us tread water at the pool and walk home 8 miles... no, I think it was 18 miles... uphill!"


  17. Yep - you pretty much sumerized it. :)

    The other day when our three boys were going crazy, speaking much too loudly, screaming for no apparent reason, disobeying, and basically trying to kill each other creatively, I looked at Dave and said "You know honey, we should really have another kid. A boy! Let's have another boy to add to all of this!" And he said "WHAT?! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" And I just smiled.

    Then locked myself in the bathroom and had an hour long candle lit bubble bath.

  18. Ok, my three boys are still little, but I see it doesn't get much better when they get older!?! My husband doesn't understand why I lose my mind, patience, etc- that would be because he's at work while all the chaos is going on!! Haha. Thank the Lord for's my sanity right now! Especially the new Hillsong United CD.

  19. Is this a new version of triathlon? Mom-athlon? Naughy-kid-alhlon?


  20. Sounds like they need to train for the 1/2 marathon as well!

  21. I feel your pain! With only one boy I often feel that I am going to go insane if he doesn't get some of that energy OUT! I think the problem is that boys need to wake up and know they have a JOB to do everyday. School gets out and boredom = naughtiness. That is part of the reason I've decided to homeschool through the summer!

  22. I am totally with you! My girls were arguing yesterday and I became to worst mom in the world when I told them to "shut up" I didn't want to hear it anymore.

    It did become VERY quiet in the back seat :}

    Only 2 more months until school starts!!

  23. This sounds like a lot of the days of my summer!! Something about little boys, a lot of energy, and a lot of time together!

  24. Sometimes a timer works. Set it for 15 minutes of quiet time. Just no talking! It will refresh you! Any one should be able to be quiet for 15 minutes. They could play quietly or read or color, work puzzles, etc.

  25. Mine are home. i am at work. but they never fail to call me 7,796 times a day to tell me which one hit the other, and one hid the remote, and one wont leave the other's room, and the neighbors are throwing rocks at the front windows, can they have a popsicle, am i coming home early. and the list goes on and on and on and on....and on. did i mention I am at work...where i talk on the phone all day, all my calls are monitored and timed...and I AM AT WORK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I too love summer....right?


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