Monday, June 8, 2009

Weird Dreams

Towards the end of each of my pregnancies I had weird dreams about the baby. I mean weird.

With my first, Noah, I remember dreaming that Ben and I were at a big stadium for some event and I had to go to the bathroom. I looked and looked and finally found one and as I sat on the toilet the baby just came out, IN THE TOILET. Oh, it gets better. When I turned around to get my first-born out of the public toilet, I was shocked to see that he wasn't actually human, but a baby piglet.
I awoke in a cold sweat, because weirdly enough the dream seemed completely real. I remember being so relieved when I felt my still huge belly, confirming the fact I had not actually given birth to a pig in a toilet at a stadium.

Although, the idea of the baby "just coming out" would have been nice.

Anyways. I am not pregnant. However, I am expecting a teenage daughter to arrive in less than two months now...and the dreams are starting.

How weird is that?

Saturday night I dreamt that she got here and couldn't speak English and I couldn't understand anything she said! And I couldn't figure it out, because we'd emailed back and forth for months and I had understood everything. The kicker though, everyone else could understand her...EXCEPT me!

Last night I dreamt that she'd arrived at the airport but we were having all kinds of trouble getting there to pick her up. Fist we were at the wrong one, then I couldn't get everyone rounded up again to get to the next airport, and then we couldn't find the way and everything seemed to be in slow motion and I just kept thinking SHE'S WAITING AND WE'RE NOT THERE! WE ARE TERRIBLE PARENTS! :)

Did I mention before I got married I kept dreaming my teeth became too large for my mouth and then all crumbled and fell out? Good times.

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  1. Gina in LouisvilleJune 8, 2009 at 10:11 AM

    You are a nut.

  2. I can so relate! With my first pregnancy, I dreamed I gave birth to a cat and had a lot of trouble nursing because of those sharp teeth! It is so strange, those dreams sometimes!

  3. I have weird dreams all.the.time.
    Purple hippos dancing in my living room and living in the White house , which isn't white AT aLL once you are inside it, with all the presidents who are VERY MUCH ALIVE.
    I once had a dream that I fell out of a plane, where Hubby said I got up out of bed and FELL backwards onto the floor screaming then after I hit the floor and stunned myself awake I shouted into the darkness "THIS ISN'T HEAVEN! This looks just like my ROOM!"
    Umm, honey, it IS your room, you were dreaming.
    Oh, yeah count me in as VP of the weird dream club ok?

  4. I have the teeth-falling-out-dream all the time. A counselor told me one time that teeth are a sign of power and I dreamed I was losing them because I am a control freak and I felt out of control of my world. Weird-o!

    Everything with you & Julie is going to be amazing! She's going to have the greatest adopted (exchange?? foreign??) mom she could ever ask for.

    Just keep the boys away. ;)

  5. Sarah - you continue to CRACK ME UP! Thanks for sharing your gift of humor with your readers ... we all need to laugh {and dream} a little more!

    Have a GREAT week!

  6. okay, I cannot even post the dreams I had while prego! whew!

  7. I never seem to remember my dream and if I first do. It always ends with me running in slow motion(as the only one) Terrible! And when I tell others about my dreams, they only laugh, and they don't sound scary at all.
    Liked the baby pig part :)

  8. Sometimes I refer to my little boys as "Piggys" - does that count?

    BTW do you eat or drink anyting before bed? If you do, I would probably stop!

  9. hysterical! i remember having all kinds of strange dreams when i was pregnant with each of my babies too. the only one i can remember though is when i was pregnant with karsyn...and we already found out she was a girl. but in my dream, i gave birth to a baby boy...and everything i already had was purchased for a girl. not terrible, i know. but i just can't seem to remember the freaky ones.

    and the tooth dream...i have had that one before. so eerie.

    and i know i have posted about the bubble gum dream before. i have it all the time. i am chewing gum and go to spit it out, but when i spit, it still keeps coming and coming. i have to pick it outta my teeth. it just won't go away. eeeeeeeewwwwwww.

    now that i have completely grossed you out...happy monday!

  10. Oh my goodness, you crack me up!!!!

  11. I think dreams are our brains' way of letting us know what's buried deep down in our subconscious mind.

    The language one isn't about language at all-- but I think it reflects a concern that you won't be able to 'speak her language'... that despite your best efforts, you two just won't understand each other..... and the second one is more along the lines of worries that you won't provide what she needs and that you'll be bad parents, as you said. That's my free dream analysis for ya. LOL

    BTW, the pregnancy weird dreams----- I had a dream when I was way-pregnant with my youngest that I gave birth to a giraffe. LOL

  12. Cracking up! I'm a weird dreamer as well. One night I was dreaming I was running... I woke up with my foot completely through the bed sheet... apparently i run faster in my sleep than in real life! :)

  13. OK, you freaked me out there for a minute. I have heard about the teeth dream before. It means something ... just can't remember what. I'm sure that helps you.

    Anyways, you'll be great temporary parents.

  14. My, you have some WILD dreams girl!!
    I am certain you'll find your way to the airport! Or, maybe you could get a room there the night before :-)

  15. I find this post strangely comforting, to know that I am not the only one who has weird dreams!

    Looking forward to hearing all about your "teenage daughter" :)

  16. My kids have wierd dreams like that!!! You are so crazy!! Can't wait to hear all of the fun you'll have with JUlie!

  17. Oh my goodness! LOL!! I think your stress/excitement is coming forth through your dreams -- which isn't too bad, I suppose, lol!

  18. so I read this last night before bed---bad idea, I had a dream that my tooth started flaking off and breaking into shards and i had to pick the remains out of my gums (think your post was coupled with an article i read last night also about a lady that had smashed her knee into a headlight during a car/motorcycle crash and had to pick shards of glass out of her knee for weeks....)so anyway, I TALKED TO THE HOT FED EX GUY!!! he was beside me at a stoplight and HE NOTICED ME :) yay what a sweet man you married!!! that was much fun to try to get him to notice me when i was driving, kind of my own little quest in life (yes i lead a boring sad life...)

    love ya girl!

  19. The teeth dream means you feel incapable/inadequate of opening your mouth...i heard that from a christian dream thingy....I have that dream a lot and usually before major life changes myself...and of course, lets not forget the going to school in your jammies (or birthday suit) and you are an adult going back to kindergarten or high school...definitely has an underlying subconscious meaning! lol

  20. It's a good thing your dreams don't come true.


  21. i am so glad to hear that i am normal here... during pregnancy i dreamt that i gave birth to a blue squid in the toilet! also that i cut my tummy open and out came a baby, we spoke, then put it back in because i knew it wasn't time, just wanted to chat with it! lol. there are more but these topped my list.

  22. Quite funny!! I have had numerous dreams in which I show up in public places naked... yes that stereotypical dream you see on tv... only in my dream when I realize I am naked I keep hoping I can find some way to sneak home without anyone noticing.

  23. When I was about 8 months and 3 weeks pregnant, I dreamed that I was in labor and right in the midst of it all the nurse turned to me and said, "By the way, your feet look disgusting."

    I vowed the next day that no matter how much bending and stretching I had to do, I would clip and paint my toenails to keep that from coming true.

    Because, you know, when you're in labor the most disgusting thing the nurse will see is your feet ;)

  24. I have weird dreams too, even when I'm not pregnant. I love it when people share their weird dreams with me. Thanks for sharing! I wish I could analyze them and tell you what they mean heehee :)


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