Monday, July 13, 2009

Let's Pretend I Know What I'm Talking About...

I've received several emails lately from other bloggers who have either taken the plunge to start running regularly or signed themselves up for some r
aces that are longer than they've ever ran.

I'm pretty giddy when anyone asks for advice because it means that they are not yet aware of how completely clueless I am. It usually only takes me hitting "reply" to clear up that confusion. That being said, I do know what I like/don't like when it comes to running "stuff." I only know what works for me...what ends up working for you might be totally different.

That being said, here is my totally random and con
fusing list of hodge-podge running tips.

  • If you're just starting to run...go SLOW. Chances are, you think you're going slow, but you're not going slow enough. Also, ease into it. Walk/run and work your way up otherwise you'll end up with injuries that will make you quit.
  • Runners World is an amazing resource on just about everything you'd ever want to know about running...from actual experts. I really like their Smart Coach feature which lets you put in information specific to your running abilities and they come up with a plan. We are using one of the Smart Coach plans for our 1/2 marathon training.
  • For me, running is social, so a running partner is a must. It's someone to go through the process with. Here is Billie and I this winter...good thing she never reads my blog because she would kill me ;)
  • Signing up for the 1/2 mary or any race is really important. That goal looming out there makes me get my butt in gear...otherwise I tend to say...maybe tomorrow...
  • Find someone else who loves to talk's fun and motivating.
  • There's lots of stuff I'm still struggling with...what to eat and when before long runs, what to eat period, a nagging groin pain on my left side that seems to come and go, the feeling that I just can't do it or just don't want to do it, enjoying the process...stuff like that.
  • There are several running blogs I lurk on. My two favorites are Run Well and Corre, Corre...they inspire me and have other great ideas and information.
  • Blogger has tested my patience today with formatting issues...I give up. The pictures insist on standing on end...
  • We have a running store nearby that puts you in different shoes and then records you on the treadmill to see if they fit right. If you have one in your area I highly recommend this. Before I tried it I had shoes that I loved, but after being fitted for these Sauconys I realized how much better it made my stride.

    The Adidas sweat band makes me look like a total idiot but it is excellent for catching the salty sweat that kept getting into my eyes and burning like none other. I keep telling Billie I'm gonna get some striped tube socks to complete the sweat band look.
  • We bought a fuel belt and we share it. We only use it for runs over 7 miles, and we take turns wearing it because it is a little annoying to run with.
  • The ipod and Garmin I've mentioned before. Cannot live without them. Can't remember life without them. I lovey lovey lovey them. (to read more running posts you can click on "running" under the header Stuff I Blog About along the left side)
  • SPF 70 sunscreen for face. Trying to avoid the face wrinkles. What more can I say.
  • The little red packs are Jelly Belly Sport Beans. They replenish stuff you need. GU packs are another option, but I just can't stomach them. We use them for long runs. I usually eat just a few before the run (otherwise they make me feel sick) but by about mile 4 I can shove down the rest of the pack. They really do make a difference.
  • I love my Runner's World subscription. It has tons of useful information and lots of inspirational stories. If a 70+ year old man can run marathons then I can certainly run 13.1 miles...stuff like that.
  • Above is my favorite running gear for warm weather. The Nike shirt and tank are the dry fit and I love them.
  • The Mazuno running skirt is fantastic because it has several zippered pockets to carry stuff and compression shorts underneath the skirt.
  • Champion sports bra that I love because it is TIGHT.
  • FoxRiver socks are my favorite. They're thin and just perfect.
  • I also love my Nike dryfit pants. They moisture wicking and breathe well.
  • Something not pictured is Glide. It looks like deodorant but actually stops chafing. Don't get me started on chafing...

  • Well, I think that's pretty much it. I'm sure I forgot something. All you runners out there, feel free to drop in your 2 cents worth! And if anyone else has any other questions, leave a comment and either myself or someone else that actually has running knowledge can hopefully answer it!


  1. Great article! The only thing I would add is to make sure some of your training runs are the same time of day your race will be. That way you can be prepared for running in the morning or evening if that is when the race is as your energy level can vary throughout the day. Other than that I think the right shoes, clothes, and testing the different energy gels are the biggest thing we struggled with. And I still don't know what to eat or when.... if you ever figure that out you could make millions in my opinion. Good luck with your continued training...I am just getting back into the swing of things hoping to do another before year-end...

  2. Something I forgot: Logging your runs in a journal is fun too. My favorite way to log them is in the facebook application called Run that thing.

  3. I found this very interesting. I hate running, if I were being chased I stop and yell "NOT IT".
    But I can certainly admire your dedication to the sport and the insight you've learned while training. Now I have a question:
    What are "compression shorts"? :)

  4. Great list! I think my best purchase (and most expensive) has been the Garmin. I LOVE that thing!

    Thanks for linking to me. It's nice to know someone is reading. :)

    I love your blog - you always make me smile!

  5. I forgot to mention is a great site for someone that wants to know how far a route is, if they don't have a Garmin and don't want to drive it to find out.

  6. You are so inspirational. See, this is what I want to do. Except I hate feeling like I'm going to die in 100 degree+ weather and becoming a feasting table for the mosquitoes. :)

  7. Awesome....I've been treadmill running. It's too stinking hot to go outside.

  8. i"m totally impressed with your knowledge level. and you are right...hurt my knee...havent run/walked on treadmill in a week...feeling like a loser, but your post re-motivates are so awesome!!

  9. Great. I'll get right on that 7-mile run once the weather is below 100 degrees.

    Thanks for the advice, lady.

  10. I am thinking about starting running. I was going to do the 60/90 thing where you run for 60 seconds and walk for 90. I could only make it 45 seconds! I am so lame! I was breathing like I was going to die. It was embarassing. But I will keep trying.

  11. I am still amazed that there is such a thing as Jelly Belly Sports Beans, how cool is that!!

    I had to smile when you said the fuel belt is a little annoying to run with.....I have serious issues with my fuel belt!!

    Thanks so much for the mention....I am sitting here taking notes from YOU in this post (with my head tilted sideways! :))

    And those running skirt things, love them.....that is top of my wish list :)

    Oh and a question: Any good music/podcast recommendations? I am always looking for new stuff. :)

  12. I love this! I'm still pondering the idea of running. I really do want to, but then I get lazy and sidetracked. I'm bookmarking this post though because there's just so much good info, expert or not :)

  13. I am just getting going. I can go about 5 or 6 mi now. I used to run a lot, about 13 years ago. I love Runner's World, too, and thanks for the running links and reminding me I can click on your label. keep at it. I need ya!

  14. This post was really helpful - thanks! I'm excited to try the jelly beans...any excuse to eat candy...! And now I want to go shopping for new running clothes :)

  15. Oh and I wanted to ask - what do you think about cross training? Do you do any other stuff with your running (biking, swimming etc?) or mainly the running? Thanks!

  16. Rachel: I do cross training because my 1/2 mary schedule tells me to. I've been doing Jillians 30 day shred and then rotating in Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga. They're easy for me to fit into my schedule.


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