Friday, July 10, 2009

Must See...

I feel the need to share with you my two favorite things for the week...wait make that three.

3) We have the best neighbors. Not only did Mechanic Steve fix our van for a mere $30 (and told me that the other noise it makes doesn't need to be fixed and isn't harming anything...which is my favorite answer ever,) his lovely wife Marlas had a spare package of pepperoni to loan's a long story, let's just say I really needed the pepperoni. (side note to Marlas: I bought a new pkg of pepperoni yesterday, I'll have Noah run it over if it ever stops raining ;)

2) This week I purchased MY MOST FAVORITE BRACELET for a mere $4.50... ready to see it?
I've worn it everyday...who knew a plastic Peacock feather bracelet could go with EVERYTHING. Remember the Little Bit Ugly rule? That totally applies here.

1) Julie...ya'll know who she is. Julie has a super good friend named Audhild. Audhild is adorable. She has a cute blog that I love (even if it's written in Norwegian and I can't understand it.) Back to my point: Audhild posted a video on her blog yesterday that I have probably watched 75 should be on YouTube.

GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!!! For real, it'll make your day. (Audhild is in the middle, and Julie is on the right) And while you're there, if you would be so kind as to thank Audhild for that piece of entertainment, I'd be ever so grateful.

The whole parsonage family is on a mission to learn the Beaver Song...because HELLO tiny town has a unique relationship to Beaver's (I'm not gonna get into it.) I'm just saying...I think that song is gonna spread through tiny town after a certain Norwegian girl arrives...Tiny Town now has a new theme song.

I love love love that God picked a quirky teenager in Norway to live with a quirkier family in tiny town USA. Oh the videos that will be made in this parsonage... ;)

Happy Friday Friends!


  1. Love, love, love the bracelet!!!

    The beaver song is adorable! Kind of like the bunny song by Veggietales!

    We have rain again today . . . will it ever end?

  2. I wonder if Bianca can help translate at times? Are German and Norwegian close? Maybe Bianca knows some Norwegian? She is IN GERMANY right now!!! Her mother had no idea she was coming! big surprise!!! can't wait to hear about it! and see pics!

  3. Hey there , Love the braclet! Hope you have a great weekend! Blessings, Faye

  4. Love the beaver song... especially since I graduated from Oregon State University... which, btw, are THE BEAVERS!

  5. Um, that bracelet is BEE-UTE-EFUL!!!!

    Love it!!!

    And, please post the beaver song once you learn it...I have no idea what you are doing!!!

  6. I LOVE the bracelet!! I love big jewelry. Do you ever shop at Maurices???

  7. Now I'm kind of embarresed here ;D
    Love to read your blog too!
    (PS: Norwegian and German are not close. Some few words are the same, but I don't think she's able to transelate much of the Norwegian, but the Danish girl is able to) :)

  8. I love the bracelet! I'm looking forward to a few funny videos in the future! Heading over to see where your link will lead! :)

  9. Now I'm sure I'll hear "Stop. Beaver Time." playing over & over in my head. :o)

  10. The beaver song is too cute and so is the bracelet!!!


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