Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Enjoy the Ride

When I was in 3rd or 4th grade I went to an amusement park with my best friend and her mom. They tried desperately to get me to ride the small 4-person roller coaster. It looked ridiculously dangerous to me, and I was content being the wuss who wouldn't ride the coaster. Big deal. Eventually they somehow talked me into it. They promised I just had to do it once. And I did. Turned out...I loved it. They knew I would, if I'd just agree to get on the ride.

I feel like....God has picked me up with His huge arms and placed my body onto the seat of a giant roller coaster. He fastened the safety bar and assured me He's along for the ride and I will survive. I may get scared, and I may feel like barfing occasionally from the fear, but I will indeed survive.

There's two ways I can look at this ride He's placed me on. I can resist enjoying it. I can cover my eyes and scream in fear. I can resent the fact He put me on this particular ride in the first place...wishing he'd chosen a calmer one...that was boring and safe. I can live in fear of what the next hill, or loop or downward spiral is going to look like. I can endure it till it's finally over.


I can be thrilled that He chose such a crazy, exciting ride for me. I can enjoy the fact that I have no control over where the ride is going...what hill, drop or loop is next...I can find it exciting. I can rest in knowing that although it might be scary sometimes, it's also thrilling...because I'm safe. The safety bar is secure. I can throw my hands in the air and scream with joy. I can laugh.

There are many, MANY times where I find myself resisting the ride. Trying desperately to undo the safety harness and make someone stop the roller coaster. God has spoken some clear truths to my heart lately. I can fight all I want to in order to get off the ride...but I'm not getting off. I can embrace it, or I can resent it, but I don't get to choose a different ride.

And it turns out...I really kinda like this crazy ride. I just need an occasional kick in the butt reminding of it.:)

*image courtesy of www.ultimaterollercoaster.com*


  1. This really ministered to me. Thanks for the kick in the rump!

  2. this has been my life the last few years...I am in such an intense learning process...its rough and I resisted it the first year or so but I am trying to open my heart and mind and enjoy it...even though I am scared silly in the process!!

  3. Oh yes, the roller coaster. Sometime I feel like I'm on the Super Dooper Looper!!!!!

  4. Perfect! I needed that today!

  5. awesome insight sarah. thanks for sharing your heart.
    it seems like we are either trapped on that thing in fear.. or so secure in who created the ride that we are going to allow ourselves to experience the joy with our hands up. or like me.. somewhere in between most days :)it completely spoke to me tonight, thank you!

  6. Nice. I love this post. Makes me more eager about the ride I'm on, too. =)

  7. I resist going on a roller coaster, RESIST! But I guess when (if?) I am finally engage to my seminarian boyfriend, I might go on a ride with him before we get marry, to prepare for the real life roller coaster.

  8. A bit of wisdom gleaned from Veggie Tales today that goes right along with this:
    You don't get to choose the gift, you just get to choose what you will do with it.

  9. NICE! You nailed it ... crazy ... but worth the ride!

  10. I LOVE the way you wrote this post...life is so like a roller-coaster and I often forget...God is my safety bar...and I need to remember to throw-up my arms and yell in joy about it more often! Sweet blessings!


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