Tuesday, August 11, 2009

True Story

*Picture Julie, Ben, and myself sitting at Bubba Gumps trying to find something on the menu (for Julie) that is not spicy*

Turns out, Norwegians do not eat much spicy food. Even our "mild" tastes spicy to Julie. Note to self: Americans are spicy.

Ben: Points (discretely) to the man sitting in the booth behind Julie and tells her that maybe she would like something like the shrimp meal that the man is eating.

Julie: Turns around to see, and is a little uncertain because it looks so different than Norwegian shrimp. Asks me if she could ask if they think it's good.

Me: Assumes she means ask the waitress and gives a hearty head nod that of course she can ask.

Julie: Turns around and taps the man's shoulder in the booth behind her.

Me: Realizes Julie meant "ask the man" not "the waitress" Oops.

The man in the booth sitting with his 3 kids and wife: Answers yes, then asks her if she wants TO TRY ONE!

Ben & me: Sit with mouths open because there is no stopping the scenario now...

Waitress: Comes by and mouth drops open because she's never seen someone share their food with a total stranger. I mean really...Ben and I barely share our shrimp with one another, it's a high commodity around these parts.

Julie: Tries it, but then finds out it's the Cajun shrimp. Yeah...spicy.

Moral of the story: Americans are nice and might even share their food....and we are spicy.

The End.


  1. that's so sweet.....I like Julie. I love her innocence!

  2. like her already. kinda acts like she is from the south! minus the need for mild food.

  3. Bwahahaha! Love this story! Love the life you're sharing! :-)

  4. I was thinking the same things as Beth. Southern people are alot of things (some good and some not as good) but most of us are nice...and share freely...even our shrimp. Life is more fun this way for sure!

  5. FUNNY! Poor Julie! I hope her mouth isn't scarred =)

  6. Awww!! At least that was a nice man! =)

  7. Oh now THAT is hilarious!
    LOVE IT!
    Can't wait to meet her! We'll def have to have you guys over. Foreign Exchange students love to sit in our hot tub in the middle of winter... and we have an all american pool table in our basement we can teach her a thing or two about BBQs and pool halls. hehe.

  8. That's hilarious! I don't know that I'd do that. Ever.

    And mmmmm, I love me some spicy!

  9. Julie, you are awesome and adorable. And I can totally relate. I don't do spicy either. When I was in China, I constantly asked, "Is that spicy?" And the shrimp there was AMAZING. No deep fat fried shrimp there, it was steamed, you had to peel it but it was so worth it.

  10. HAHA! sounds like a thing only Julie can do ;D ( NORMAL Norwegians use to be a little more shy than she is)

  11. Sounds like things are even spicier around your house now!

  12. I knew what she meant, cause I would have done the same thing, I have no problem talking to strangers. Matter of fact, yesterday at Target me and this lady got into a heated debate over where to get the best deal on purses. Hubby sat there tapping his foot at me and finally said "Do you KNOW her?" Like hello introduce ME! I said "Nope just met, we like purses."
    At which point he reminded me we needed to pick up our children.
    I can't believe the guy asked if she wanted to try it! His mamma taught him well about sharing!

  13. Great story! And thanks to the guy who was willing to share his shrimp and make "us Americans" look good!


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