Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Life in the Parsonage...

  • Ben's car started on fire as he pulled up in front of our house last night. We had to use the fire extinguisher from the kitchen. I am not even kidding.
  • School has been an adjustment for all of us this year. Mainly, the "going to bed very early so that all of us can function the next day"...it's tricky after late Summer nights and lazy Summer mornings. I miss you Summer.
  • But I do love cool crisp mornings and evenings...especially for running. Bring it on.
  • Julie is doing well. It is totally different to have a teenager in the house. I don't mean that in a bad way...it's just all of a sudden there are curfews and lots and lots of activities. It changes the dynamics of the family, yet all seem to be adjusting well. We joke that it seems like she's lived here longer than three weeks, because she's just part of the family now.
  • Currently there are several men outside our office window building a garage. It's for the parsonage, which means we get to park in it. It's ginormous. I'm looking forward to NOT scraping the windshield this winter.
  • Odie has a tumor. They give him 6 months to a year to live. We've decided not to treat it because of his age. Instead, Odie continues to live the life of luxury...napping all day. We also no longer worry about his weight problem...instead we give him bacon and hamburger...he may as well live it up.
  • God is blowing me away with His timing lately. I'll share more later, in the mean time, I'm still trying to process all He's set into motion...it's a little dizzying.
  • Have to go pick Jake up from his 2nd day of preschool. Happy Tuesday!


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  2. Wow....that's a lot of stuff! Sounds like a rollercoaster of emotion.

    Yay for a garage! Unfortunate about the car that should park in said garage. And soo sad about your dog :(

  3. LOVE this post......you make me laugh and cry!!!! Keep feeding Odie bacon........;) Love ya!

  4. Poor Odie! He's such a sweetie.

    Glad you guys are getting a garage, and a little jealous you are having such nice temps!

    SO glad no one was hurt with Ben's car! Let's hope that doesn't happen in the new garage!

  5. :( Odie. I think he should live it up too.
    I'm not crazy about the mornings either, we start on Sept. 8th for Butter and Roo starts preschool the week after. I'm trying to get back into the morning bustle.
    YIPPY! for the garage, scraping is the worst!.

  6. Sorry about Odie. Score for the bacon though!!

    Do you need an extra car to drive around?? We have a 91 mercedes just sitting here. It's not new, but it works great. lemme know if you do. :)

  7. Poor Odie! How are you? I miss you - I'm homesick for Iowa today! : )

  8. Woo Hoo for not having to scrape the windshield! I remember when we moved to this house (it has a garage, but no garage door) how exciting it was to park in and not have to scrape! That is a beautiful thing! :)

  9. Holy Cows...you wouldn't believe it, but Jim's truck caught on fire on the hwy a few months ago...he called me and I was, like, "you've. got. to. be. KIDDING!" I could hear the sirens...there are several stories that go along with this...Our fellas have a little more to share, I see! ;)

  10. You inspired me to write about Jim's Fire Adventure...THANKS...I linked back to you, BTW. You deserve the credit for being such an inspiration...makes me think of Chicago -mmm- ANYHOO, you can read my take on the story (shortened version) on my blog! :D Teehee!

  11. Wow. that's a lot.

    Poor Odie...poor you guys. ):

    Poor car.

    But good news about the garage and the feeling that Julie has been there longer. That's good stuff.

    Life is such a rollercoaster!

  12. O,h Odie ... give him more bacon for me.

  13. I forgot Jake starts preschool this year.

    Wow! Did they pour the garage floor? I had no idea.

    Sorry about Odie :-(

  14. Sorry for you. It's hard when a pet is part of the family!! At least he's getting the chance to live it up!!!

    P.S. I miss summer time hours too!

  15. We cringed at the thought of our 15 year old driving but now wish they were allowed to drive at 12 :}

    We have three teens in the house (one a foreign exchange student too!), we are always on the go. This morning one had to be at school by 6am for swim practice, another by 6:30 for a special band performance at the local Walmart (jealous aren't you?!) and the last got to go in at the regular time. Needless to say, the 6:30 girl go to go with the 6am girl.

    I'm such a mean mom aren't I?!

    Sadness about Odie! We lost our beloved Jake 3 years ago from old age. Live it up Odie!!

  16. Well at least life is boring! I wish I could just eat hamburgers and bacon.


  17. Car fire! Well, that's not something you see (or hear of everyday)! I always just assumed our fire extinguisher would be used due to my poor cooking skills! I'll look at it in a whole new way now! :) Enjoy the new garage! I'll be thinking of you as I scrape, scrape mine!

  18. Sorry to hear about your car...and Odie -- but you've got the right idea -- let him live out his last days doing what he loves best :)

  19. I like your list posts. I like Sarah updates.

  20. poor odie! let him live it up for sure!

    a fire? OMG...all okay?!?


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