Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nailed It

Sometimes I come across another bloggers post and think to myself...Dang, they nailed it.

Go visit my friend, who is also named Sarah (seriously, there's millions of us) and you'll know what I mean.

Good stuff. Hard stuff. True Stuff.


  1. So thankful for the many ways God continues to reset my focus. I can be such a spaz!!!

  2. There ARE a million of us out there! :) Haha...and when I saw it I though, surely I haven't posted anything, ever. Ok, well, mayble, but definitely not lately! I wanted to read Sarah M's post, but sadly my computer wasn't reading her "cutest blog on the block" formatting and the text was the same color as my backgroung. :( Boo. Oooh, I just got an idea. Highlight it...maybe it'll show up for me. Oh, is this a pointless comment, or what?

  3. You're right...she nailed it.
    Thanks Sarah M....
    and Sarah
    and Hi Sarah E :)
    Oh wait...that's two of you....funny :)
    Sheesh..pointless comment #2


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