Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Better Than Nothing...I Guess.

Apparently when I don't blog often I just feel like updating you with bullet points.

Here Goes:

  • I am super excited for Labor Day Weekend because we have NOTHING planned. The past, I don't know, 100 weekends or so have been busyness. I heart having nothing planned.
  • Saturday I am scheduled to run 10 miles, we'll see how it goes. My body is not cooperating lately with my running plans. If the 10 goes well then I'm gonna go ahead with the 1/2 mary on the 12th, if it doesn't, then I'll surrender in tears graciously and try to remind myself there will be other races.
  • Julie taught me to knit on Saturday. I am ridiculously slow. I'm also a huge idiot because I wanted the scarf I'm making to be THICK...thick means more work, more time. Dumb. Maybe I'll just change my mind and decide to make a dishcloth.
  • I am so excited for new episodes of The Office. I'm watching old ones to get myself all geared up.
  • By the way, right now I am unable to knit and watch TV at the same time because I have to pay complete attention to the knitting to make sure I'm doing it right. It starts to make me dizzy after awhile. I might start taking Dramamine before I knit.
  • I've lost that loving feeling about blogging right now. It will probably return eventually. Maybe.
  • Is it Friday night yet? I'd like to get the weekend started...the weekend of NOTHING TO DO! YAY!
  • Happy week to you!


  1. I hear you about the long weekend. We are also not planning a thing and I'm ready! Bring it!

  2. Is it seriously a long weekend this weekend?! I'm out of my groove and nearly forgot...what is happening to me?!? :)
    Good luck w/ the 10 miles!

  3. Really hoping your 10 goes well. You can do this! :) Enjoy your weekend - sounds bliss! :)

  4. Sarah, I have faith, If I can pass college algebra, then you can run 10 miles! Believe in yourself and google the guy who broke the four minute mile for inspiration! Have a nice weekend. I'm off to Maine! yahoo!

  5. Enjoy your weekend! I hope your run goes well. You've worked so hard that I'd hate for your half to fall by the way.

    Stick with the knitting. You are going to find it addicting--kind of like popping bubble wrap! A great stress reliever. (Well, after you get the hang of it! Before that it is a great source of stress.)

  6. Regarding the race, just try. After running all summer, give it to God and just run or walk or whatever.

    Regarding blog posts, in the spirit of Ecclesiastes, there is a time to blog and a time to refrain from blogging. Haha.

    Gina in Louisville

  7. I tried teaching myself to knit last winter. Ha! That was an exercise in futility. When Julie is done teaching you, send her my way. I need an indoor hobby for the winter(besides blogging that is :)

    P.S. Can't wait for The Office too -- and good luck with your run!

  8. running 10 miles is considered having nothing planned!?! if that was on my calendar this weekend everything would be revolving around those plans...hours of stretching...hours of running...hours of recooperation in the hospital most likely!

  9. My input on the race is...

    See how the 10 goes and then do the race anyway. If you have to walk, you have to walk. If you have to walk a lot, then you have to walk a lot. You already paid, you want the shirt and the goody bag. Just go out there to finish no matter if it takes four hours. But I think you can totally do this. And never underestimate the power of race day adrenaline.

    That's my two cents.

  10. And my input is: YOU HAVE to do it since I am signed up for the 5k and will be there to cheer you on!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Um, a weekend with nothing to do! That would be GREAT! I think we have one planned in 2 weeks for our anniversary... we'll see how that goes.
    DYING for some Office!!!
    I woke up Monday thinking it was Friday... It's been a L O N G week!

  12. It's been over a year...and I still can't knit and watch the telly...but, whose to say you can't adjust sooner...hoping you can. Because a little Office and Knitting could go a long way.

  13. i tried learning how to knit, and once i got the hang of it i stopped. seems to be how i operate, want to learn something really bad, put time and energy into it, then get bored with it and give it up completely.

    i do love the little granny dishcloths though!

  14. Yea!! I've missed you!

    New Office -- Sept. 17! YIPPEE!!

  15. I think you're probably running 10 miles right now.

    And I think that taking dramamine before knitting is hilarious. Especially when I pictured you falling asleep on your work. Dramamine knocks me right out.

  16. Wait. You aren't running NOW, you're running Saturday. oops, I misunderstood originally... (:

  17. I too, would go ahead with the race, even if you can't get to 10 miles. there's a lot to be said for adrenaline..and frequent walking breaks (you can go a lot further if you take a walking break every ten minutes - gives your muscles a chance to "micro-heal" and you can run longer). i know from experience. it will be so worth it. please go for it! you can do it!

  18. I think it is so funny that you are planning on running 10 miles, but have "nothing" planned- 10 miles would take me the WHOLE weekend :) We have nothing planned too- yay! I heart knitting and thicker doesn't have to mean more work. In fact it can mean LESS work if you use a thick yarn and big needles!

  19. I'm with Heth. YOU CAN DO IT! :) You are about to run double digits on Saturday!! That is AWESOME! And I am very jealous! I have really really enjoyed reading about your training. I am so excited for you. Just like Heth said, do the race! WOOHOO!

  20. Hi Sarah! Me again. How did your run go? I just got the quote of the day from Runner's World and thought it was neat, "You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off your face."

    I thought that was motivating! Maybe it's a familiar quote, I dunno, it's the first time I heard it. Can't wait to hear how your run went! Go Sarah Go!

  21. Wait. Duh. Today is Friday, not Saturday. You haven't had your awesome run yet. Stay-home mom syndrome, I forget what day it is sometimes.


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