Monday, December 14, 2009

It Looks Like This:

I haven't much time...I'm watching Nacho Libre while Christmas baking.

It's like the movie that goes with every occasion.

Oh, there's some kiddos running around as well.

My kitchen looks like this:
My (21 week) belly (in my MOST favoritist tshirt that I just got on clearance for CHEAP) looks like this:

And my new hair cut like this:

And outside, well it looks like this:

Now if I could stop eating all the treats I'm making, there might actually be some to give away.

Merry Monday Everyone!


  1. Love your belly pics!! Fun times baking!!! Merry Holidays to you and yours!

  2. Real.

    That's you.

    Through and throug! :)

  3. You're brave to post pictures of the kitchen. Not sure I could do that.

    Cute shirt.

    Love the hair.

    Wishing I was there to see all that pretty snow!

  4. They don't think I know a buttload of crap about the Gospel.....but I doooooooooo.

    HAH! It has been too too long since I have seen that :)

    Sounds like a beautiful Monday in the parsonage :)

  5. SO cute. All of it. Even your kitchen. :) I love it.

  6. you're totally rocking the tshirt and new hair cut! :)

  7. Love your hair cut.I wish I had some of your yummy treats! Have a great evening! Blessings, Faye

  8. Great post that brought me smiles!

  9. That is a HECK of a lot of snow! Where do you live?
    Love the hair!

  10. Hair looks great! Snow... we had a little... I'm so not ready for winter to be in full effect just yet.

  11. super hot rocking momma.. even it two three feet of snow!! :)

  12. Adorable belly. Adorable hair. Awesome movie. Merry Monday indeed :)

  13. You and your hair... I get jealous every single time I see a new picture of you.

  14. Love you hair!

    I love seeing the pics of your preggo belly!! :-) It brings back so many "mommy" memories for me. One of those memories is all the people-some I knew and some I didn't- that would always put their hands on my big preggo belly. And it reminded me of how much it bugged me that everyone just figured my belly was a "free for all" to rub and pat on!! LOL

    I wondered if you had any thoughts, or comments to make about that?? Does it bother you at all that people come up and touch your belly when your preggo? Family? Friends? Strangers?

    It just seemed so strange to me that when you're not preggo NO ONE walks up and just puts their hands on ya (at least I hope not; well, except maybe your husband! ;). But once you are preggo you become a "Hand Magnet". And even though I hated it, I find myself doing it to other preggo moms!! LOL

    Anyway, Just wanted to ask what you thought about it.


  15. Love the haircut! I'm starting the growing out process and you're pic's make me want to cut it off again!!

  16. You and your belly are so adorable!

  17. Your hair always looks soooo cute!!


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