Friday, December 11, 2009

Confession and Cute Stuff...

Your comments on yesterdays post...well they just made my day. Turns out, I enjoy torturing people...who knew?!? I'm kidding, I totally knew that about myself already.

Secrets. My blog friend Jamie blogged about them today. Her sweet post got me thinking...and thinking leads to confession.;)

I'm really good with other peoples secrets. As a pastors wife you either are, or you ruin your ministry. I really think it's that simple.

With my own secrets...not so much. I can hardly wait for Christmas so I can give the boys their presents that I think they'll love. Actually, maybe that has more to do with my patience/instant gratification problem rather than secret keeping...digressing...

Back to point: When I found out I was pregnant I pretty much convinced Ben we should wait till the end of the first trimester to let people know. Which we did
...sorta. I told a few select people that are close to me, our little secret. Running partners, intuitive friends, that kind of thing. It helped my to keep the secret, secret to the general public because I still had a few people to talk with about it.

And should know, that there are indeed 4 other people besides myself, Ben and the ultrasound tech who know the gender of this wee baby. I cannot disclose their identities...for their protection. BUT, they are not family :) They are the close friends who actually seemed like they might explode if I did not tell them.

The reason for the secret...because surprises really are fun. For you.

PS - I do like that some of you bribed me with presents. You're good. Very good. I'm afraid it will disappoint you to know that the color scheme of everything I loved on Etsy was kelly greens, oranges, yellows and reds...otherwise known as gender neutral. They have these sort of 1930's ish prints that are so stinkin' a
dorable!!! I can't get past them.

Like this at Kimoley's on Etsy.

Seriously, let's discuss their cuteness.


  1. Hi, my name is Melissa, and I'm a Etsyholic. I've lost many things due to this addiction. Mainly TIME and MONEY.

    But I have some really cute things to show for it!


  2. you know!!!!!!!!! :)

    we all will too.... someday...!!!!!

    way cute prints....

  3. too cute! i am totally the same way with keeping things a secret. Ive tried numerous times to let my little one open her gifts early. Good thing hubby stands his ground! ha! And, yes I totally agree, as a pastors wife you must keep things confidental, maybe thats why i'm not good at holding my own secrets in either!!

  4. Love that bird print!!!!
    Also - when I was prego with girl #1, hubs knew what she was as did family members who could keep a secret. Beyone that no one knew -- not even me. I wanted the surprise! =)

  5. let's not discuss their cuteness and just tell us boy or girl!!!!!!


  6. came over from Six Brick High... and congrats on the baby!

    One good friend had two boys and was pregnant with #3... Her husband "didn't want to know" so they didn't find out.

    It wasn't until her #3 son was 6 weeks old that she told hubby that the ultra-sound tech had told her the gender at the 20 week appointment! But she didn't tell ANYONE, not even him... 'cause he didn't want to know'! hee hee!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. One of my friends made the most beautiful baby bedding with fabric she found on Etsy. If I more creative...and could sew...and not so lazy...I might have done that too :) I love your finds -- super cute stuff!

  8. Hahahaha, laughing at Beth!! She is going to die of not knowing!! :)

  9. Love that you know! Hate that I don't!!
    Love the cute stuff!!
    I am making some Shoedweller blankets (as close as I can get) for a coworker. Her blankets are soo cute and such a great size! The diaper case is super cute and handy too!

  10. Love the theme but you, my friend, are evil!! Spill it - we won't tell ANYBODY!!!

    I'm going to have trouble sleeping....(do you really want that on your conscience?)

    ps - I think you should name your baby after one of the word verifications! Mine was "enenelo" and it made me think of the Old McDonald song :}

  11. The adorable prints do detract from the burning question....maybe... just a little.....No not really...

  12. I'm with Beth up there...those things are cute and all but lets talk boy or girl!

    Really, those are super cute gender neutral items.

    I want to know how your boys are doing with the secret, are they dying to know?

  13. So I read yesterday's post, but I was so upset to be kept out of the loop, I decided not to comment.

    Not really. :-) I just never got around to it. But yes, it is killing me. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who immediately thought of what bribe they could use to get the information out of you/Ben/your doctor.

    Still so, so happy for you. You're feeling all good these days, yes? Nausea is completely gone?

  14. I go nuts over birds. Love the second from the bottom. Cuteness indeed.

    (p.s. I tried to email you at your gmail account and it kept failing?)

  15. SERIOUS cuteness.

    And I'm exactly the same way. If I were to "keep a secret" like yours, I would definitely have told 4 or more people.

  16. I know you say that stuff you like is gender neutral, but I say you're having a GIRL. Call it a hunch. ;)

  17. Very, very cute stuff! I didn't find out what I was having with my first, but I did with my second. I always say that if I happened to get pregnant again, I don't want to know. It was so much more fun, so I understand why you're keeping it a secret.


  18. What? I can't stand waiting. I am the most impatient person and THUS why I can not be a pastors wife!!! I could NOT keep your secret so it is just the same that I don't know...although I think the patterns might be a hint ;) I won't tell you which way but I love them all..good choices !

    Baybeedue...Word verification is weird sometimes...


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