Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Where I Mash it All Together...

We've been enjoying the season around here.

Putting up the tree is always entertaining. Ben and I sat back and let the boys do all the work. You'll notice how they paid close attention to spacing everything out just so...or not. Since the initial decorating, they've rearranged the ornaments approximately 23 times. By my guesstimate, there are currently 3 ornaments remaining that have not been broken. Ah well. Their lucky I'm not sentimental.

We also spent some time making the following:
Kind of. The picture on the box is a dirty lie. It came out looking like this...

Which was perfectly ok, because we all knew the train didn't stand a chance of surviving more than a few hours before we picked all the candy off, leaving behind the pre-made brick like so-called gingerbread. Also, who knew that smearing green frosting in our teeth would be so entertaining?!?

Odie however, was not amused.

In other news:

Ultrasound yesterday. Amazing.

3-D version

And last but not least, we are expecting our first blizzard of the winter, which means our first snow day is likely tomorrow. The first one is all fun and games, but by the 12th one in March, weeping and gnashing of teeth follows...by me, not them.

Happy Tuesday to you!


  1. Yay for ultrasounds and blizzards :) Actually, I'll be impressed if we actually get as much snow as they've forecasted -- I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes to the weather people -- sometime it seems like they get all hyper over nothing :)

  2. Love your post! The pictures are adorable.

    Tell Odie that I have the perfect girl for him! My mom and dad have a dachshund that looks a lot like Odie . . . her name is JC.

    Your baby pics are incredible.

  3. Ugh for blizzards.
    And a big fat Yay! for your ultrasound pictures. We seriously never could get that perfect side profile shot. You know, the one everyone else gets. Sometime we'll just have to hvae another ultrasound or something ;)

  4. I think I said it last year and I'll say it again: Love your white tree.

  5. I loved your post! Your tree is beautiful.Hope you have a great day! Blessings

  6. Odie, you rock.. the train is awesome.. way impressed.. can't wait to meet that little baby!

  7. Well, you train and our Gingerbread House would make quite a display. Woo Hoo for the new baby!

  8. Your baby is beautiful :-)

    We're doing a gingerbread house this weekend. Thanks for the warning!

  9. I enjoyed your pics! My boys have done their gingerbread house decorating as well, but I have to say that yours look "professional" compared to ours!!!

  10. That 3D ultrasound is AMAZING! I cannot believe how well we can see your baby. It's just great. Boy or girl...do you know?

    I can't believe you have a white tree!!! I've always wanted one and one day I'm actually going to buy one. It's a need!

    My kids keep playing with the ornaments also, especially my daughter. She also plays with the nativity scene. I lost baby Jesus for a while, but I found him wrapped in tissue paper in a little decoration box. THANKFULLY!

    Glad you're all enjoying the season.

  11. I love your laid back and easy going approach to mother hood and life. Looks like you are all having a merry Christmas in tiny town!

  12. Your baby pics are incredible!! Wow, another beautiful baby.

    I love your tree too. :) Looks great!

  13. Love the white tree and the baby pics.

  14. Love the ultrasound pic!! That baby will have green teeth one day, too!!

  15. Such sweet time with family. And, the ultrasound...AMAZING! What a precious little life the Lord has given you! I love the updates!

  16. Did you ever imagine when you started your blog that you would be sharing pictures of the inside of your uterus with random strangers? LOL. Love the pics. Thanks for sharing your ultrasound with us. :)


  17. A snow day?!? How did you manage to snag one of those? We're in the same path, and while I bet it started later here, we're still liable to get 8-12 inches by the time it's done. And I'll bet $20 we don't get a snow day tomorrow. Minnesota is very stingy with them. ("Toughen up! It's only a little snow! There's no reason to cancel school. Just drive slow and you'll be fine.")

  18. At least we got the winter concert in before the snow. They had to reschedule 3x last year!

  19. one good snow, that's all i want! then i want happy days full of sunshine!

    don't cha just love ultrasounds!!

  20. Great pics. Thanks for sharing your life with us.


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