Thursday, December 10, 2009

On the Brain...

I've got baby on the brain. I can't help it. The ultrasound on Monday really kicked it in gear. I've done really well so far as nesting goes. Ya'll know how I am. Remember Julie? Yeah. I had her room ready 6 months before she came. Considering that I'm half way through my pregnancy and haven't done any nesting is considerable progress...I think.

And then yesterday hit. Big blizzard, we were all snuggled in at home with nothing to do, even Ben...and I began looking online at baby stuff. And looking and looking and looking. Etsy may have ate up hours of my life last night...seriously they have THE CUTEST stuff ever. Ever.

And then I started the lists. Stuff I need for baby, stuff I want for baby, stuff I don't have anymore because I got rid of it during my "we are so done having babies" stage.

I also made a "where we're gonna put everything" list. Baby will arrive in April, Julie will leave us in early June. We've only got three bedrooms. I'll paint you a picture:

Bedroom one: 3 "brudders" as Jake calls them
Bedroom two: Julie
Bedroom three: Ben, me, baby and all the baby's stuff.

I'm good with small spaces. I just need a plan.

PS - Did I mention we know the sex of the baby?!? We do. Well Ben and I and the ultrasound tech do. For everyone else, it's a secret. Mean, aren't we?!?


  1. How exciting! Is the sex of the baby a secret for your family too? or just the bloggie world? Your little blessing will be here before you know it!

  2. So cool! I know how Etsy can eat up hours of your time. :) I was the exact same way. We are pretty low on space too. It all works out though. I am so excited for you guys. And just a little bit going crazy that you aren't telling... :)

  3. Hmmm...I think babe will have to share with you and ben for awhile! That's ok, it's good to be close for the first few months! I'm thinking it's a girl, I'll find out if I'm right in April! If so I'll send tons of cute girly things your way. If not I'll still send cute things your way! ha!

  4. Ok, lady, that P.S. just about did me in!
    What a full parsonage come April - fun!

  5. Oh, how I love a good list.... Have fun with all the baby shopping. Don't you just love a good excuse to shop? :)

  6. I am pretty much with Rachel.....fer serious?! I am soo excited that you know the sex of the baby! But DYING to know all the same.
    I'm going to guess girl. On the record. It's a girl.
    I think....
    But knowing that you know....kills me. Just kills me. And we've never even met. HAH!

  7. So fun!! I am super happy for you, but I must admit that I'm envious, too. Shame on me. I've been pregnant for the last 2 Christmases & I am certainly feeling a void this year! I still have a belly, but no baby! Ha!!

    This is so exciting & I am loving following you on the journey!!

  8. Oooh! How fun! Way to go, secret keeper. Can't wait for you to have that little one so we can all know too.

    Small spaces can work. You'll be surprised at how much of that baby stuff you DON'T need. Everly sleeps in a bouncy seat...still. She's happy with it and it takes up a lot less space than a crib.


    Seriously. How could you do this to me?

  10. Oooh, girl, that IS mean. But I love it. :) Nothing like a good surprise!

  11. Everyone in our family gave us grief for finding out what we were having, so I think next time we will do your plan. We don't want a surprise, but it will be super fun to torture everyone else! :)

  12. I am with Amy Beth and Beth on this one....hehehehe!!! ;)
    I hate secrets!

  13. Mean, mean, mean!

    And I was so happy to see Amy Beth's comment, because I follow her blog too. Maybe that is how I found you?

    Hi AB!! Since you eliminated your comments I'll say hi to you here! ha!

    Now how can your fellow bloggers buy you said cute things on etsy if you aren't going to tell the sex?!

  14. You are killing us "plan ahead" bloggers! So, just whisper to me....would you like something pretty in pink or buggin' in blue??

    I won't tell anyone! Pinky promise ;}

  15. OH MY WORD! I can't believe you can keep that a secret. I would try but I bet I wouldn't last long. I'm wondering if you go register somewhere if it would give it away...or are you just going pick all neutral color stuff?

  16. ugh! really? gonna keep it a secret? and here i've been thinking you didn't have a mean bone in your body ;)

    before we moved sarah shared a room with david and me. david had to find a new place for some of his clothes cause we totally took over the dresser heehee

  17. I love how crazed people get over secrets! HA. I'm no different, bbbbut I've seen the pictures. I've made my guess. I'm pretty confident. If I'm wrong, well all I can say is I didn't see the scan LIVE. ;)
    Happy planning...for that new baby GIRL! ;)


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