Monday, March 8, 2010


I can't seem to shake that annoyed feeling. Little things, big things, frankly it doesn't matter, it's likely to annoy me right about now.

I'd like to blame it on my hormones. Or the weather. But likely it's just my perspective. It's skewed, I know that. Yet, for today, it's not stopping me from basking in my annoyedness.

Aren't you glad you stopped by?

Things That Annoy Me for Today:
  • Feeling huge. Uncomfortable. The fact that I had to take my wedding ring off because it was just uncomfortable on my sausage-looking hands.
  • Doing routine house-work is now a daunting task with this figure.
  • And speaking of "figure"...I went to Target the other day and I am not even kidding when I tell you that everyone stared at my belly as I walked by. I wanted to say to each. and. every. one. HAVEN'T YOU SEEN A PREGNANT LADY BEFORE?!?!? SHEEESH.
  • The feeling that I'm trapped in someones else's body.
  • People in my household not picking up after themselves...and certainly not lifting a finger to pick up anything left by someone else. Heaven forbid.
  • Commercials.
  • Filing taxes. Mainly, paying in more money to the state of Iowa. Very annoying.
  • Whining. Crying. Ironic, no?
Oh, I have plenty of stuff that is not annoying me. An abundance of stuff I'm thankful for...and love desperately.

But some stuff....grrrrrr.

And one more thing...don't go leaving me a comment telling me how sorry you are that I am so annoyed. Then I will be forced to be annoyed with your comment. *wink* Instead, let's share things that are currently annoying you. Because isn't there a Bible verse about being annoyed with those who are annoyed? Or something like that... *cough*

Post written while inserting-tongue-into-cheek


  1. you are so stinkin funny! I wouldn't stare at you in the store, might laugh, but certainly wouldnt stare! *smile*
    I am annoyed that the sun isnt shining today. hows that!?! it is fourty degrees and I still am annoyed by the weather! ha ha!

  2. I am annoyed with myself for not thinking I can run...I am also annoyed with my terrible eating habits the last few days....and also *wink* (is this tmi?) I split a package of lifesavers and ate two M&M ice cream sandwiches which would be considered sweets, which I had given up for lent. So there. I am annoyed too! Happy Monday! *smile*

  3. Currently annoyed that my husbands snores so loudly and can sleep through anything. Annoyed that I don't look pregnant yet, just fat. Annoyed that my car is always dirty because of the weather. And totally annoyed Angelo has pink eye and all I can think about is that my eyes are itching!! ahhh! Did I make you feel better? : )

  4. aw stink. been one of those weeks here.. audited by fed only to get a notice that the state wants some other paperwork.. im such a tax threat.. ;)
    when are you due?? been wondering lately how close you are..

  5. Sorry, that should say "husband" not husbands, I only have one! More than one would be totally annoying! ha!

  6. Sarah, I had plenty of those days last week. The last one was on Saturday and I was snapping at everyone . . . not that they didn't deserve it!? Right??

    Things that frustrate today, but I an (ahem) handling them better . . .

    dust bunnies, messes, dreary skies and that I let the laundry get out of control . . . again.

  7. I'm annoyed that even when I'm sick I still have to do stuff around the house... but when everyone else is sick they get to lay on the couch and have me take care of them! I've been sick all weekend and I still did the laundry, took care of the kids and finished up dishes. :)

  8. Melanie: I am now extra annoyed with the government for auditing you.

    Today at the dr. I found out I am not even measuring big, for the first time ever. Oddly, I found it kind of annoying. They are tentatively going to induce me on April 20th. It will be set in stone in 2 weeks at my next check up. :)

  9. Oh my goodness! I am annoyed that my friend can't go to the tea room with me that i wanted to go to today for the girl talk and God talk we've been missin' lately! but blessed cuz I'm going to her house. Annoyed that Starbucks is so loud!! but thankful that I had a wonderful meeting with a lday that went from stranger to sister in nothin' flat!!!
    Girl that pesky word "Perspective" has been haunting me lately too!!! I feel your pain!!!
    Abiding Still, Chel

  10. I would probably be annoyed with life today as well. Headache and sleepy thanks to a dreery day, HOWEVER, a little pre-2 yr old sweet boy just came up to me and said......'Mommy, Eh-bow' with his elbow in the air...he's too sweet :)

  11. I'm annoyed that for some reason being due in ~2 weeks means everyone without OB behind their name thinks they should be telling me, and DETERMINING FOR ME, what I should and should not be doing.

    Moreso I'm annoyed that your list didn't include the girl calling story. ;o)

  12. I am currently annoyed with the fact that every time I attempt to help my son (who's 10) or assist him in some "motherly" way... HE gets annoyed! AGH!
    I love the verse about "being annoyed with those who are annoyed."

  13. I'm annoyed with commercials too! There are so many times I say to Ethan, "Doesn't this company realize how obnoxious this commercial is?"

    Oh, and I'm definitely annoyed with students. That's something I've been working on for the past couple weeks.

  14. ok may the whining continue on gloriously!! Ha!
    I am annoyed that Hubs & I both have awful colds that are annoying us & those around us.
    I am annoyed that my son's sweetie is flying back to her home state today & Son will be despondent until he can move there next month.
    Otherwise all is well & I am glad to not be very uncomfortably pregnant ever again!! Menopause is a wonderful thing!! Praying for you Hun!

  15. I am personally annoyed because I have not seen you in so long...I am annoyed there is no Starbucks in Wave-town, I am annoyed my frozen Healthy Choice meal I nuked at work for lunch today looked NOTHING like the pretty picture on the box, I am annoyed Mel got audited--as IF, I am annoyed my Blackberry is acting like it is on crack, i am annoyed that the sweater I have on, was once cute and fit me, now looks like it is a cropped job from the 90's, Now I am annoyed that I put it in the dryer, I am annoyed that there is a dent in my cool Aveda Sigg waterbottle that I got with my Aveda points,

    whew there, I am done :)

    love you!

  16. I am loving this post! I am annoyed at myself for not being one of those moms who can keep their cool under every circumstance, like when their 3-year-old keeps peeing his pants during potty training. UGH!!! I'm annoyed at the fact that I never get to leave the house without at least a 5 month old and a diaper bag. I'm annoyed that my house is STILL not finished and I'm DOUBLEY annoyed at the people who tell me to 'hang in there' it will be so nice when it's done... as if I don't realize it! sigh. thanks for letting me vent!

  17. cleaned house this morning - already annoyed that the kids will have it messed up withing 1.2 seconds of coming in from school - and super annoyed with myself for not getting on the treadmill this morning - again!

  18. annoyed with my self for not getting up early and getting day started off right...annoyed by the piles and piles of laundry to be folded and put away and to do list that never seems to get conquered.

    also annoyed by all the stares i get when i walk around the store with my 3 kids and growing baby... ya know the stares that seem be asking, "your really having another?"

  19. If I were you I'd be annoyed with being induced. I mean come on, isn't labor hard enough without forcing it! Slap your doctor for me, will ya?

  20. I am annoyed that I'm not due until May.

    I am annoyed that I'm already only four pounds away from the weight I was when I delivered all the other kids.

    I am annoyed that my body is falling apart.

    I am annoyed that I don't recognize myself in the mirror anymore.

    I am annoyed that my husband is always traveling, traveling, traveling. And when he's here, he doesn't get home from work until 7:00 PM.

    I am annoyed that spring is still far off and I'm stuck being a single parent to all 3.5 kids without any outside help.

    I am annoyed that other people expect me to do anything other than be pregnant and try to make sure my kids are alive at the end of each day.

    I am even annoyed that I am annoyed, because I have never been this cranky with any other pregnancy, and I'm not usually a pessimistic person.

  21. Oh, I have a list of annoyances that grows every day...

    * I'm annoyed that the stupid student (so many reasons why he's "stupid," most of which are unable to be disclosed) still walks around campus thinking he's done nothing wrong. Jerk.

    * I'm annoyed that there is not enough time in the day to get all my junk done.

    * I'm annoyed that I sweat when I work out, meaning I have to bathe/wash my hair/dry my hair and possibly put on makeup (depending on the time of the day) after I do work out.

    Lol. Okay, I feel a little better now, believe it or not.

  22. I'm annoyed that I posted earlier after reading MckMama's blog post for today...

  23. You look amazing in the stripes pic.

  24. Martie in IndianaMarch 8, 2010 at 4:04 PM

    OH . . . . how nice it was to read your comment, "People in my household not picking up after themselves...and certainly not lifting a finger to pick up anything left by someone else. Heaven forbid."

    I thought this only happened at my house. I just want to scream, "REALLY???? Am I the only one with functioning eyeballs who can see the messes??????"

    Currently, I am leaving some of my husband's "mess" from a bathroom doorknob repair lying on the bathroom counter. Just wanna see if he picks it up. Now . . . if NEXT monday rolls around and the discipleship group are about to arrive, I guess I'll be forced to pick up the mess! ;)

    ok . . . i feel better now.

  25. Hmmmm, s Bible verse,
    "to every thing there is a season"? Work for you? I'm kinda annoyed I can't get to coffee date with my long lost buddy.. YOU!

  26. Lets see. I am annoyed with myself for not having started my homework for biblestudy tomorrow. I am annoyed with my dh for not taking his responsibility for our dog and then getting mad at me for gently reminding him of walking the dog. I am annoyed with family and friends who do not make sure to put a jacket on the 5 year old when she goes outside so she ends up with a cold. I am annoyed that the baby is teething and therefore sounds like a pig when nursing because of her stuffy nose. I am annoyed that the dog is shedding and my house looks like it has fur rugs.
    I got more actually, but I think that for now this is enough and that I should start on my homework...

  27. I'm annoyed with the mud. But happy that it's warm.

    You are so close! Can't wait to meet that little one.

  28. I am annoyed with these dang post-pregnancy mood swings! I'm an emotional wreck! On the top of the world one second and crying my eyes out the next second. Geeeez!

  29. maybe one of my recent blog postings will help you be less annoyed with your pregnant self.

    the commercials and filing taxes i cannot help with.

  30. I am annoyed that my dog is shedding all over my house. I mean, who does she think she is? Can't she do it outside??


  31. I'm annoyed with yet another pair of white tube socks with holes in the bottom- the rest of the sock is FINE, but I cannot wear socks with holes.

  32. I am annoyed with the t.v. show LOST. It is so lame now!UGGGGHHHH!

    But, the good news is, that I picked up 24 :) Just finished season 1 the other day, going to start season 2 soon.

  33. A lot of the things that annoy you, annoy me...well minus the pregnancy stuff, I am done with all that.

    I am annoyed with my husband not only doesn't clean up after himself in the kitchen but can even close the cupboard door after he gets a bowl out!!!!!

    I am annoyed with my kids who CONSTANTLY seem to want soemthing from me.

    I am annoyed with my lack of follow thru on listening to my Daily Audible Binle podcast DAILY.

    I am annoyed with both of my sons continuing to get sick and having to go to the doctor every other day.

    Mostly I am annoyed with being annoyed. I am so blessed yet I complain about the precious gifts God has given me.

    Ok, I am done!!! Thanks for letting me see that I am not alone.


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