Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Because I'm Human...

I have to tell you, your comments yesterday completely brought a smile to my face.

After I read my own list, and before hitting publish, I thought to myself...wow, pretty pathetic. And smiled. And then after reading your comments I smiled some more, because the truth of it is, most of the stuff that annoys us is also stuff we love dearly.

Because being annoyed occasionally, is not being ungrateful. It's being human. So a big thanks to all of you for sharing in my humaness.

Ok, couple of things:
  1. I had mentioned the other day that I would share with you the story of a girl calling our house. But, upon further thought, I decided that my son would rather me not share it. I will say, that the next day at school the teacher ended up telling (some) of the girls in the class that they needed to stop telling the boys they "loved" them...that the boys didn't want to be loved by them till Junior High or so. She said all of the boys looked relieved. :) In the mean time, I will be working much harder to perfect my scariness so that any and all girls decide my cute son is just not worth dealing with his mom.
  2. Cute, cheap shoes from Target:



  1. Very cute Target shoes :) I love how they are a pair, but they're not the same!
    And relieved that those girls were told not to tell boys they loved them :) Oh dear :)

  2. very cute shoes. Makes me miss Target even more...cheap shoes. No such thing in Switzerland.

  3. Super cute shoes! Looks like the decision to post pone blogging for Target and Starbucks was a wise one, b/c not only did you get shoes, but blogging fodder as well!!

  4. Pretty shoes have a way of brightening the heart, don't they? :-) And those shoes are a reminded that spring is around the corner. At least I hope it is!

  5. Just read yesterday's post - so funny!! I so appreciate your honesty. Love the adorable shoes, and your feet don't even look swollen one bit, yay. Feel the same way about girls!

  6. Oh I love your shoes!!! So Cute

  7. Ah, just wait until they start dating! It is shocking what girls are allowed to do. We have some pretty stict rules for our girls and having their dates interviewed by their dad is one of them.

    So glad that the girls will be taking a break from the world of "love"!

  8. Love love love the shoes! They are so cute! Hope you have a great Wed!


  9. I find it very likable when someone is annoyed from time to time!! :-)

    And how funny that the boys were so relieved! really wise of that teacher!

    Take care,

  10. That's great the teacher stepped in like that! CUTE shoes!!! And you know, if I tried putting those shoes on, you'd need a crowbar to get them off! lol

  11. Love the shoes!



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