Monday, June 21, 2010

Life Happens


  • Lucy turned 2 months old yesterday.  Jake, my 5 year old, took this picture of us while we were in the nursery during church...while my husband was preaching.  I blame the baby for my goofing around in the nursery.  The photographer:  

  • We had lots of fun on Fathers Day, partying it up with family.  I ate no less than six pieces of cake.  I wish I were exaggerating.  
  • I stole this idea from my friend Wendi.  That's what I do.  Let you creative ones come up with the idea and then I steal it.  I'm like the generic store brand kind of works for me, what can I say?!?

  • Notice the strap going across Eli's chest.  It's my old camera case.  He's storing his game boy and misc. treasures in it.  He refers to it as his European Mens Handbag, which he no doubt picked up from some movie. 
  •  Jake started running a fever yesterday.  This occurred after our goofing off in the nursery and during the Father's Day/May & June Birthday Bash.  He's ok as long as I keep him pumped full of Tylenol/Advil.
  • Lucy gets shots tomorrow.  
  • I've been running now for about 4 weeks.  S-l-o-w-l-y easing back into it.  Ran 4 on Saturday and it finally felt good.  Haven't lost a pound.  Friends keep telling me how great I look...because they are liars kind.  I know they're saying it to encourage me...yet part of me wants to blurt out the number that my scale gives me because they would gasp and be surprised, and it would prove me right that I have a LONG LONG LONG ways to go....but sometimes it's just better to be wrong, no?
  • Lucy is sleeping through the night.  And taking a bottle on occasion when I need her to.  During the day, however, she sleeps lightly, and doesn't like to be put down...and she especially likes her mama, which is oh-so-sweet...except for when its not.  She redeems herself during the evening hours.
  • It's been raining buckets here.  If it continues, tiny town is going to flood.   For real.  Please God let the rain stop.
  • We're doing a parenting class at church on Wednesday nights.  It's by Chip Ingram, called Effective Parenting in a Defective World.  It's really good.  Punch-in-the-gut kind of good.  I'll share more on that another time.
  • Gotta go, my baby is crying because I have disobeyed her rule by actually putting her in the bouncy seat.  Little stinker. :)  


  1. Four miles! Wow, I'm impressed! I would have even been impressed if you meant 4 minutes!

  2. Way to go with the running... I hope to start again on July 5th. Am def interested in hearing more about that book!!

  3. Ha ... I just told Wendi how much I love her picture. Nice idea to steal.

    The fact that you've been running for 4 weeks and your baby is 2 months old makes me secretly hate you a little bit. I have negative babies and I am not running near as much as I should. And, I'm sure you do look great!

    Sounds like you're a busy mommy!

  4. Oh my goodness. Too cute. I love the handbag thing. Hilarious.

  5. I kind of agree with Mama Belle. Just a little. My boys turned one and I still am waiting for my "love of running" to kick in....I could be waiting for awhile.

  6. well, you definitely don't show any weight in your face....i think you look great!!!

    yay that she is good at night at least!! hopefully she'll grow to love her bouncy soon!


  7. Speaking as one postpartum mom to another: I hear ya. People keep telling me, "You look great!" And I smile and say, "Thank you. But I've got a LOOOONNNG way to go."

    I feel like saying, "Ummm ... did we know each other before? Do you really think I look like this normally?" But I resist. ;-)

  8. Hey girl!!!! Its been forever since I stopped by to say hi (and what I mean is that I dont know if I even knew you were prego!!) Lucy is beautiful -- congrats!!

    Hope you are doing wonderful as always!

  9. Loved this peek into your life!

  10. How were the shots? Did you survive?

    I hope she grows out of the always-being-held thing! :-( As much as we love them, that does get old. Bella is better about it these days.

    I don't know how you do it with 3 boys to care for, too! You are superwoman!

  11. Your kids are adorable and Eli's "sholder bag" is great (and from a Progressive Commercial.)

  12. All cutie pies! My daughter was like Lucy: a good night sleeper but glued to me all day. It was hard to take a shower!

  13. 1st...Congrats on Lucy (2+ months late!) She is perfect! yay!
    Sorry I have been out of touch know-life. But I just thought....I think Sarah has had her baby....and you had. anyway- enough rambling. =)

  14. Greetings! I just stumbled upon your blog... Congratulations on your beautiful little daughter! (And your sons are adorable too!) I copied your recipe for your Aunt's Pumpkin Bars. I am going to save it to try in the Fall. Thanks for sharing!
    Best regards,


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