Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh Yeah, I Have a Blog...

Good grief it's been awhile!  I ran into someone over the 4th, and they said, "I read your blog" and I thought to myself...oh that's right!  I have a blog!  I should write on it! :)

Summer is crazy fun and crazy fast.  I feel the clock ticking away already.  Apparently I can't have fun and write about it at the same time.  Too much work.

Instead, I sit here staring at the screen while drinking coffee and eating left-over graham crackers (from smores.)  Smores that we made in the microwave on the 4th because it was raining.  But really...they're better in the microwave anyways.  And interestingly enough, we always have left over graham crackers and never left over Hershey bars.

Lucy's first 4th of July

It wore her out.

Odie enjoying summer in his own special way.

And more of Lucy...because she can't run away from me yet. :)

Notice how Noah and Eli are missing from the pictures?  They've become increasingly annoyed with being in pictures.  And I have become increasingly annoyed with their annoyed expressions when I take the pictures.  It's time for an intervention.  

I'm off to take their pictures... *wink*



  1. Such a cute adorable baby!!! It was good to see you guys this weekend.

  2. Lucy is adorable!!! Such a pretty baby! I'm glad you're back to blogging...I've missed ya!

  3. Oh, that Lucy is absolutely beautiful!!!

  4. I can't have fun and write about it either :) Love the pictures of Miss Lucy :)

  5. I have written anything for awhile either. I can't believe how fast Lucy is growing! She is so darn cute!!! And I love the photo of Odie. Pierre decided to poop in two rooms and barf on our bedspread while we were watching fireworks, apparently that's what he thinks of Independance!

  6. Legrolls! Double chin!

    I love baby faces, legs, and feet. So perfectly munchable.

  7. Ohhh, you have such a cutie baby!!! She is so adorable. Wish I could kiss and hug her. Go ahead and splurge yourself taking pictures of her while she's still not old enough to run around.:-0


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