Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'd like you to meet the newest member of our family.  


Gus is a five year old Basset Hound.  Last Saturday we stopped by a local pet rescue open house in a nearby town.  

It was sort of love at first sight.  

He is mellow.  Mellow yellow.  Whatever that means, I just like that it rhymes.  

Back to Gus.  He has quite the story, and I love a good story.  Gus had an elderly owner who needed to be hospitalized.  No one in the family could take him, so he was sent to a "kill" shelter.  (That's what the pet rescue place called it, when they put them to sleep when they aren't adopted.)

Someone from the pet rescue place found him and saved him and then he went to a foster home.  And now...he's with us.  Doing this:

God bless a lazy dog.  He's adjusting so well considering all he's gone through recently.  I've wanted a Basset Hound named Gus, for as long as I can remember.  Their laid back personality and adorable body shape sucked me right in.

Some things I've learned about Gus since Saturday:
  1. He is the messiest eater I've ever seen.  I put a rug under his food and water bowl and still there is water and dog food bits all over the kitchen floor.  My Haan steam mop and I have rekindled our best-friendship.
  2. He barely barks.  But when he does, it is l-o-u-d .  He only does it when he know's were leaving him.  I think it's part of adjusting.
  3. He always looks depressed.  Even when he's wagging his tail, his eyes and ears look sad.  It's adorable.
  4. The door bell can ring, and he doesn't even care!  YAY!
  5. He cannot be left to roam the house while we are out.  I made this mistake only once.  I came home to my garbage dumped all over the kitchen and him sleeping in Noah's bed.  Both no-no's.
  6. Now, we are going to try the dog crate while we are away. :)
  7. I purchased extra fabric refresher.  I really love the Up & Up Target brand.  It has a white bottle with orange sprayer and it's by the Febreze stuff.  I think it smells even better!!  Plus, the bottle is way cuter.  ;)
  8. He fits with us.  The boys adore him.  He sheds a lot, and I don't even care.  The vacuum and I are already very close.
  9. Watching him go up and down our steep stairs is quite entertaining.  I'll video it sometime for your viewing pleasure.
  10. I'm glad I'm not one of the ones in our family that has to pooper scoop.

Welcome to the family Gus.


  1. Gus is adorable! I love me some lazy dog too. Our Piper is quite fond of napping. Maybe you could give Gus a treat everytime you leave so he'll look forward too the treat instead of wondering if y'all are coming back. (Walmart has these Ole Roy chicken strips I've never met a dog that didn't like them and it's from Walmart, so they are not too expensive) SO is his bark like one of those super low WFFF barks or rapid fire bark bark like a beagle? Just curious, because looking at him I hear like this Barry White bark, Like Wuuuuufffff {baby}.

  2. I only have one request. You should refer to him as Gus Gus. Like the mouse on Cinderella. He's definately a Gus Gus. :)

  3. Gus is so cute! My mom had a basset named 'Funny Face'. they are great family dogs, so mellow. But not easy to move from one place to another if they do not want to go! All that low low center of gravity really works to their advantage! Ha!

    He looks sweet, I look forward to the stair climbing video.

  4. Oh my waht a doll, dogs are the best things ever! Oh and the other Amber's point abotu "Gus Gus"

    Enjoy him!


  5. Gus is very cute--really good at being a hound from the looks of things. One teeny weeny warning: our rescue Corgi, Carlos didn't make a peep for 6 mos (excellent manners at first) and now he barks at any opportunity (cats walking through the livingroom, people hugging me goodbye, oh yes, and when the doorbell rings :)Good luck with this sweetie.

  6. Gus! What a great doggie.

    Congrats on the new addition.


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