Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Made Hankies...

So I did end up sewing a couple thing the same night I brought home the sewing machine.  

Flannel hankies for Lucy's nose:

Exciting, eh?  I am ridiculously excited about them!  

Then I put all the sewing stuff away because the kids wouldn't stop messing with my stuff and every time I think to get it out, I don't.  I'm shooting to try a blanket on Saturday.

Don't hold your breath. 

My mother in law sent me home with super cute material that is just waiting patiently for acquire some skill...

Thanks to a friend, I've been introduced to a really great blog that has some easy sewing tutorials. (and by "easy" it means that it is still waaay out of my league.) I feel the need to share them with you.  Even if you don't sew, and don't ever want to sew, or ever want to think about wanting to will ooh and ahh over the cute stuff.  

For real.

Take a look at Prudent Baby.

And now, I have to go, because  my sweet very loud demanding of attention baby is calling screaming.


  1. Great job Sarah, keep it up. This time next year it will be the Von Trapp family, not the Epley family. I can just see Noah, Eli, Jacob and sweet Lucy in matching outfits:).

  2. Yeah you did it. You never know what you can do until you try! Thanks for the link, I love it. One more thing to add to my already overloaded reading list.

  3. Flannel hankies = brilliant! What a great idea! Can't wait to see more of your projects! You can do it!

  4. You did really good Sarah and I bet you will be making some really beautiful outfits.

  5. They turned out great! I love your fabric. Isn't that the most fun part of sewing, browsing through all of the options??? We should plan a trip to the fabric store! :)

  6. Sarah isn't it wonderful when you finish a project? And by project I mean ANYTHING that you attempt to make and complete, knowing you made it! From scratch! (even if it is to following a tutorial.)I think that is how we develop skills.
    I love the hankies, purple is my favorite color. Let me know yours and I'll send you a little something.

  7. High five from me! I have a sewing machine languishing in our basement. I would love to get it out, but my skill level is about a .5 on a scale of 1 to 10. I have to re-read the instruction manual just to get it threaded. And that takes like an hour. Then I'm always like: Now what?

    I should just get it out and see what happens.

  8. Sweet hankies! I'm so glad you shared that website -- I was just telling Dave maybe I should sign up for a sewing class so I could actually dust mine off -- but now maybe I won't need a class...

  9. Cute little hankies! I love making pillowcases. They are really easy and practical. I like to make seasonal ones for my kids. One of favorite patterns is here:

    Keep it up - it's addictive!


  10. as a fellow p-wife, i have found your blog both incredible and inspiring.
    thanks for putting your heart out there.
    you are an inspiration.
    keep up the awesome work!


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