Tuesday, February 1, 2011

FB is so much quicker...

Saturday I was perusing sewing blogs (it's my new thing) and came across this tutorial.    I think it was probably the "20 minute" project that made me think I could do it, because normally I would think a headband was waaay beyond my 5-minutes-of -sewing-capabilities.  

The first headband (below) took me 1.5 hours to make.  Apparently "20 minutes" is only for those who actually  know how to sew.  

But the second headband, really did take only 20 minutes!  It's completely imperfect.  Which makes it charming.  And least that's what I keep telling myself.

Sewing has turned out to be quite fun so far.  The only place to do it though, is on our main table, which means two things:
  1. I have to get it out and put it away every. single. time.
  2. The house turns into a slop hole while I sew.

Here's Lucy doing her part to contribute to the mess...it's her favorite thing.  I put all the toys in, and she pulls them out one by one.  

And, just for sheer cuteness, Lucy & the Tutu.

You know how to tell if you've become a lazy blogger?  Your blog post is pretty much the same as your Facebook page.  Yeah...that would be me.

Hoping to stop that...


  1. i'm guessing you already know this, but lucy is sooooo adorable!!

  2. Yes she always rates #1 on any post.

  3. I have a craft room... and my dining table still looks like yours when I sew!
    In my defense, the craft room is in the basement and there isn't much light, plus there's well craft crap all over that table!
    Sigh, don't you wish there was a house down the street that hand a room full of fabric and then rooms with sewing machines and ladies that stood there waiting to be asked a question and when you completed your porject she would come and swoop in and clean it all up and you could walz over to the computer and show off your new digs?
    Welcome to my dream land :)
    CUTE hand band, I think it looks PERFECT!

  4. Was your kiddo lovin' the tutu? So, so cute!

    I love your ideas and inspirations. Your headband rocks. Truly. Way to go!

  5. Lucy is big enough to drag out toys!? How did that happen?

    I keep talking about my sewing machine fears, but I am afraid of what a mess it will make.

    And the headbands are super-cute.

  6. Ooooh I want a headband!!! Very impressed... now you'll be ready to give Lucy lessons when her 4-H project requires sewing. ;) Is the material stretchy or is the stretch only in the elastic??

  7. the fact that you would even attempt sewing is impressive to me. i still call my mom to sew on buttons! seriously!

    we use the same toy bins at our house.

    we just don't have a cute baby anymore!!!

    she is PRECIOUS!


  8. Those headbands are wicked cool!

    The picture of Lucy in the Tu-Tu is adorable.

  9. Love it... I am going to have my 4H kiddos make them to match their outfits. I have a great kid apron if you are ever interested. I is nothing but straight seams.

  10. Love the headband!

    I am the same way with FB. I feel like I have nothing left to blog since I FB everything!

  11. Lucy in the tutu is totally adorable!

  12. She's sooo cute, and getting sooo big!

  13. Just had to echo all other comments by adding my own about Lucy. She is just adorable. Makes me miss my pink tutu days with my little (now big)girls..

  14. There is just too much cuteness in this post!!! :) Loving the cute, cute hairbands and the even cuter pics of Lucy!

  15. So cute....the headband, you and your little one who is growing sooo fast!

  16. super cute! i've been itching to sew again. i haven't since my son became mobile and starting trying to kill himself every chance he got...


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