Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let's Chat...

There's so many new blogs I've been visiting because they offer so many ideas, inspirations, tips, and projects they've been working on that after all their genius I feel a little....boring, with a capital B.

It's a good thing I'm super cool with being boring.

But I do know some things.  A few.  A couple.

1 - I buy Lucy's diapers on Amazon.  They have this amazing Subscribe & Save program (which is free) and you can have all sorts of different things shipped to you for FREE and as regularly as you'd like.  I do once a month.  And for signing up, you get two different discounts to use all the time, which saves you 30%, and today I had a coupon for an extra $10 off.  Cha-ching.  Plus, I never run out and I don't have to add it to my Target list.

2 - I'm getting back into the blogging groove.  This month marks THREE years of blogging.  That's crazy.  This is off subject, but I just saw a man ride by on his bicycle with a trailor thing attached to it that had some sort of barrel on it.  Oh the things I see from my dining room window...


What else can we discuss here?  What are your burning questions?  Let's discuss...and by that, I mean leave me a comment.

Happy Thursday...and yes, I have been taking pictures of my outfits.  Sadly, I still look like a girl who doesn't have anywhere to go. ;)


  1. Hi Sarah,
    My blog is really random and about things are are important to me. I love to cook and am always ready to try a great recipe. I also like to travel and like to know about great destinations. I have 3 girls who are all grown so it's just Linda & I and of course our little Rocky who you will see from time to time featured on my blog. Hope you are not too Bored today. Have a good rest of the week.

  2. Lovelovelove Amazon's Subscribe and Save for diapers. Little Darth goes through them like water and it's nice to have them delivered at a cheaper price than I can go out and buy them! :)

  3. I have been reading lots of new blogs lately too, and my sisters make fun of me (mostly to my face) but I think its fun to take a break from work and read lots o' blogs :)
    Anyway, good luck with the 30 for 30 challenge, I'm excited to see your outfits!

  4. I'm intrigued about some of these new blogs you're finding. I think you should link them one day!

  5. Here's a thing I know. i love the things that you know- and now I also and going to scope out buying diapers on Amazon. You=Brilliant. Love your glasses, too.

  6. Oh my, if you're boring, then I'm dull with a capital D! ;)
    Thanks for the amazon tip with diapers. I've been curious about it and have the $10 coupon, too! Time to start getting ready for another round of diaper buying...yippee?

  7. I'm with Tara on this. I need to know the names of those blogs. :)

    Also, you never got back to me to clarify the whole address thing. You gave me a physical and a PO Box... am I supposed to send it to both? Is that how y'all roll in Iowa? :)

  8. Wishing I still needed diapers cause that my friend is AWWWWSOME!
    Burning question:
    I am a planner, I'd like to know if this valley is a deeeeep one?
    ya know what I'm sayin'?

  9. Discussion point #1: I adore your big glasses. LOVE.

    #2: Three years of Life in the Parsonage ramblings. Congrats!

    #3: What else are you crafting/sewing these days?

  10. Just waving hello!

    Happy 3 years of sharing all about life in the parsonage.

  11. just saying hello too. been stalking your blog for about 2 years or so. i'm a pastor's wife in wallburg, nc and have 3 youngins. i can relate to lots you say. pray for you often when the Lord brings you and your sweet family to my mind. i know we would be bff's in real life. :]

  12. I love reading your blog. Keep up the randomness!

  13. hey, I am brand new to your burning question is this: are you in the United Methodist system? If so, do you know of resources for United Methodist clergy spouses, families, and kids to deal with the whole itinerancy process? I am working on putting together a website for our conference and can't seem to find anything specifically for UMers...would love to know anything you know! thanks!
    Michele, fellow PW


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