Monday, February 28, 2011

30 for 30 Remix

Let talk 30x30 remixing.  If you need some background, go here or to see my 30 items go here.

  • Remembering/avoiding to take pictures has improved this week, but only slightly.  I took four pictures, and you've already seen at least two of them.  Fail. 
  • When I picked my 30 choices it was 50+ degrees out and I had spring on the brain.  Since then, it has been snowing and freezing and the outfits I had planned in my head, with ballet flats and cuffed seem a little ridiculous.   Not that that will stop me.
  • I did pull out the white jeans on a snowy, cold day in February.  

I likely would have never thrown these items together if they weren't in my 30x30, but they worked.  My hair...not so much.  I'm growing it out.  And it's at a length that I just sort of despise right now.  Now short enough to have a style, and not long enough to make me like it.  Bear with me, in a year is should be fine...and then I'll cut it. ;)

You can't really tell, because of my craptastic photo skills, but this jcrew tshirt has rosettes on it, and then I wore a rosette pin and I think that might be considered over-kill by some.  But not me.

 I put this old navy white pheasant top in the 30x30 because it's one that I always keep in my closet, certain that I'll wear it and then never do.  I like it fine...except the sleeves make it nearly impossible for me to wear a cardigan.  And as you can tell, my basic uniform consists of jeans and a cardigan.  I love them deeply.

I added in the 2nd pic, because I realized I'd cut off me feet in the first shot....but my expression in the 2nd shot is...ummm, yeah, not so cute.

Here's what I've learned so far:

  • I'm on day 13 of 30, I'm going to have to get MUCH more creative with the outfits from here on out or I am going to lose my mind.  Creativity requires planning.  So far, my planning consists of rummaging through my closet in the dark hoping not to wake Lucy up (yes, that's a whole other post.)  This week, I'm going to try harder.  In theory, at least.
  • It is very difficult to suck in your stomach and smile and take a picture at the same time.  

  • I am already way more appreciative of the clothing items hanging on the "other" side of my closet.  It's probably because they're off limits, but I notice myself thinking, when this thing is over, I'm wearing that and that and that.   And that is a good thing...learning to shop my closet.
  • I really, really, REALLY want to have a real life clothes swap with friends.  I think it would be so fun, I just don't know how to do it...yet.
  • And this is totally off topic, but my sporadic winter running is turning into regular running starting this week, thanks to my running buddy being at my house at 6am.  Very excited to get back into the routine.   Very excited that tomorrow is MARCH.  
  • I'm very happy to be back into the blogging groove as well. ;)
  • And, if you want to see how remixing is done (with cute pictures) then you should go here and be inspired...and then come back and join me in remixing.  It's never too late to start *key inspirational music*
Happy Sunshiny Monday!  


  1. All adorable. I found some cute flats at Target yesterday and I can't stop thinking about them. Perhaps I will treat myself to them for Easter... because all girls know Easter means new shoes, right? :)

  2. Oh GF, this is such a fabulous idea. As we start to turn from winter to spring, I've been wondering what I'm going to do about clothes. I'm going to try this. I do not want to spend $$$ on clothes when I already have a closet full. Thank you so much for taking the challenge and sharing. I'll let you know when I decide to make a go of it. Blessings, SusanD

  3. Very cute outfits! Can you go out of the house in the flats? I can't...too much snow and ice. I'm waiting impatiently for the day when I can slip on a pair of cute shoes.


  4. Beautiful outfits!!! I love cardigans too! I would usually never think I'd be able to pull of a challenge like this, but being constricted to maternity clothes has totally changed my mind! I want variety without spending $$...I'm trying! LOVE your rosettes!

  5. What a treat getting to see all these pictures of you Sarah. Very nice.

  6. I love all those cute little white tops you wear. They have a lot of style.

  7. You're doing great~Cute Outfits! :)

  8. Adorable! I love all your outfits!

  9. Any one that can have four kids AND wear white jeans is my hero!
    I can't even consider them, because in my life somebody would spill on me and then I'd be sick about the stain.
    Yes I DO own a wash machine, but white scares me. I don't even own white panties or bras! Crazy right?
    I totally know what you mean about March!!!! It's like we can FINALLY see the light at the end of the snow drift right? Chances of below zero temps; not likely. The hope for crocus and daffadils...sigh I personlly like me some Lion. ROAR!

  10. "It is very difficult to suck in your stomach and smile and take a picture at the same time."

    That sentence made my day!!!!

    Been there done that a thousand times!!!!

  11. I'm totally out of the blog routine...need to get back at it! I have a whole basket of clothes to swap along with some misc. home decor!

  12. Oh my, aren't you just the cutest?! Seriously, do people stop you in the supermarket to tell you that? If not, they should. 'Cause I totally would!

  13. You are so cute and your style is inspiring! I really need to stop wearing yoga pants and a hoodie every. single. day.

  14. how adorable are you? wait that's adorable with a capital ADORABLE!

    love your hair. which i always do. and i'm always so jealous of it.

  15. The last top under the brown cardigan is AWESOME! Where is that from? You are too cute... I would LOVE to raid your closet. I don't think the rosette pin was overkill if you had worn the rosette necklace with the rosette tshirt... now that might have been overkill. Miss chatting with ya! :)


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