Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Moral of the Story...

Not long ago on Facebook, I posted a picture of this in my status:

It could be titled:  I Had Three Boys First and I Don't Know What to do With These Things

Or maybe a shorter title would be better.

But my friend Cortney hooked me up.  Big time.  As in,  she made me the ribbon holder and hand delivered it to my front door.  Is that not fantastic?!?

Seriously people, I don't want you to miss the moral of this story.  Which is, in desperate circumstance, throw that problem out on the internet and someone somewhere will take pity on you and help you and soon you'll go from that terrible picture above, to  this:

I got this idea from a friend too.  It's full of all the headband thingys.

Lucy's head still looks like this:

Now I just have to remember to actually put them in her hair. 


  1. Fun result in asking for help! Once again I'll say it: I am totally jealous of young moms in the age of global conversation!!

  2. very cute. and soon she'll decide to do her own hair. four times a day. and leave the pretties on the floor all over the house. and then you'll get so sick of picking them up that you'll just start throwing them in the trash. maybe that's what i do anyway.

  3. What a great idea...I too have a drawer full of *stuff* for little girl's hair.

  4. YAY!! So glad it worked for you! :)

  5. Love it! And...I think of that very same thing...if the Lord every gives us a little girl....what will I do with all the "stuff"....boys=sweat pants, right?!? Girls=bows & tights & craziness :)

  6. The over the door organizers work great for lotions, hairspray, brushes, bobby pins, make-up,etc. Both my daughters shared a room and it was a great help to them. In fact, Mindy still has one in her room full of supplies. Only Dennis made a neat wooden holder for it and it is mounted to the wall (hidden by the door when it is open) so that we don't have to hear it bang the door everytime the door closes to her room. Great ideas! Have fun with the girl stuff!

  7. What a clever and cute solution! :o)
    Sincerely, Trish


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