Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Lose Track...

Sometimes I lose track of time.  It gets away from me.

Like on the blog.

Or the month of March.

  • I finished the 30x30 challenge!  But still never took any more pictures.  Ah well.  It was a good experience.  
  • I've been sewing little dresses for Lucy.  
  • I'm back at running.  Winter and the treadmill were not so great, but this week marks week 4 of running at least 3 times per week.  It feels good to be back into the groove.  I signed up for a 5k on April 2nd...which feels like tomorrow already.
  • My friend Beth took some pictures of Lucy that are so cute I can't quit looking at them.  Hoping to get them posted tomorrow so that you can all ooooh and ahhhh...because that's fun stuff.


  1. I LOVE that dress you made. ADORABLE!!!

  2. I love the dresses you made! WAY cute.
    Running in the winter is for the birds. I am so glad it is warming up here in VA to get back outside more. I am ready to sign up for something too, helps with the motivation!

  3. She is sooooooooooooooo adorable

  4. seems to me your right on track....running three times a week AND making dresses for your sweet lil girl. I am IMPRESSED!!!

  5. Cute dresses! You're a pro already!


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