Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't Cry for Me...

I'm hoping to blog about something other than the building project we have going on...eventually.  Sometimes, Facebook and the blog and real life all mush together and I can't remember what I've shared where.  Kinda like in real life when I start in on a story and then say, "Did I tell you this already?!?"  Because frankly, my friends, my mind is mush.

I should do more crosswords or something.

Anyways, lest you start to feel too sorry for me about living through construction, I should tell you that other than the fact that my house is somewhat smaller than normal (for the time being) life goes on as usual.  Nothing is really disrupted all that much.  Even Lucy is getting used to sleeping through the noise.

My kitchen is currently housing my washer and dryer.  My friend from England tells me I have now have an English kitchen.  I love that.  Those English people know what they're doing, because I happen to LOVE it in there.

Summer is going good so far.  I'll admit, sometimes my children make me insanely crazy with their bickering and dragging in of sand, and their eating all. day. long, and their changing of clothes 500 times, they're messy hogs really.  But they're my messy hogs, and I love them.  And in between times of ripping out my own hair, I smile and remember that someday I'm going to miss their hog-i-ness and I'll be totally bored not having to clean up all the time.  I'll find myself doing frivilous things, such as showering and wandering around Target aimlessly...which reminds me...Target is waiting for me...right now...with four kids...still worth it.


  1. Hello! Just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say hello!!!

  2. Mmm Target. Love.

    I have to admit, I'm kind of digging the washer and dryer in the kitchen, too. Although, I would have MESS all the time!

  3. Oh, Target! A favorite of mine as well!

  4. Target is always a good distraction! Glad your construction is going well and not disrupting you too much. I guess having the washer and dryer in the kitchen would be pretty convenient. We had them in our kitchen once and I honestly didn't mind. Glad to know someone else birthed dirty hogs and it wasn't just me. :-)

    Have fun!

  5. How handy - but I have to say love the wall color. Painting my kitchen yellow soon.

    I do the same thing in Target. Too many choices sometimes.

  6. Target IS still worth it. I drag my kids there too. When Mama needs a break, Target delivers in a big way. Walmart can't even touch that... it only serves to make me more thrunchy. Not so with Target. It's paradise. :)
    Also, I like your English kitchen. :)

  7. Your yellow and white kitchen is so cheerful! You make construction look cheerful and bright!

    I have to tell you, the little town I live in is building a Target as I type this!!! No more driving 30 min to Target! Thank You Jesus!

  8. Ha! At least all your appliances match. lol. Hopping over to catch up on some reading. You never disappoint. I'm w/Lucy on the M&Ms. Have a fabulous day. Blessings, SusanD

  9. Does that mean scones and clotted cream will automatically appear in your kitchen? If so, I'm moving my washer and dryer!

  10. My kids are now 18 and 22 and they still keep me busy sometimes, lol! But I do cherish the precious memories I have of their growing up years (even the times when I felt like pulling my hair out in frustration, haha).

    I love your kitchen, it is adorable. And I love the idea of having a w/d so close, laundry would be much, much easier for me to do than running downstairs to do it.

    BTW, I am a pastor's wife too!


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