Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Begun...

Saturday I awoke to the sound of large machinery.

I knew it could only mean one thing.

And please, by all means, have a good laugh at the "trailor" for the old shingles.  I did.

Now, the hole will be dug and the cement people will come...that's as far as I choose to look ahead.

I have one motto regarding remodeling, it's called No Expectations.

So far, it's working swimmingly.

On a completely other note...I learned a lesson about Lucy while grocery shopping with her and her three brothers last week.

1 - She loves M&Ms.  Like...a lot.
2 - She rages when I take them away.
3 - They make a huge mess.

I also know you do not visit my blog because of my fantastic photo taking capabilities.  It's likely more because of my excellent English grammar.  *cough*  Either way, thanks for visiting...much appreciated ;)


  1. Sarah I have so much respect for a mother of small children especially after being around my two grandsons that my youngest daughter has to control 24/7. They come to visit and it take this 64 year old guy a couple of days to get over it. God Bless you

  2. Sarah - I so remember the days of toddlers and wiping their hands or mouths on my shirt. Ususally I had white on too. Thanks for sharing the progress on the hosue too. Our 2nd parsonage - the fireplace fell over and left a huge hole looking out. That too was a mess but not quite like what you are going through.

  3. You are cracking me up today!
    NO expectations is a GREAT motto. Used it while we were in Disney, worked like a charm. Now I'm trying SUPER hard to use it while we wait for a Job to come Hubby's way and a place to live after the forclosure. Yep, no expectations.
    You get a workout with that brain teaser! ;)
    Looking forward to watching the transformation!

  4. Oh no, toooo funny!!! I would NEVER have given M&M's to B or MC, but I've found that they keep Corbin absolutely silent... I bought a big bag of the fun size ones and keep a stash in my purse and diaper bag. Third child, I'm SOOOO over the mess. Just LOVIN' some quiet time in the store/car/church and on our stroller rides... ;)


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