Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Inspiring Me Lately

Ok, so this makes two posts in one day...does that make up for the past few months? heh heh heh.  Anyways, in my previous post I explained what Inspiring Me Lately is.  

Let's get this party started.  I'm kidding, I don't really talk like that.  Or maybe I do...

Have you ever come across a blog and liked it SO much that you really did feel like a stalker?  I mean really did?  Because you just couldn't stop reading it?  Man, I sure hope so, otherwise maybe I really am a stalker...

So, I came across the blog Funky Vintage Lovely several months ago.  I adore it. April's style, her little shop, and her home decor style has sucked me right in.  Literally.  And, when she blogged about a certain skirt she had got from an Etsy store, I fell in love.  And ordered the skirt.  

It's my favorite favorite FAVORITE skirt.  I want this red one too.  But alas Dave Ramsey would not be pleased.  Let's not tell him I bought the yellow one, k?  Our secret.

I'm sorta wishing I'd cropped my head out of this picture.   It turns out, that when I try to have my hubby take my picture, I feel all awkward and it shows...terribly...even worse than this grainy pic in the mirror.  I'm working on it.

So, needless to say, Funky Vintage Lovely is Inspiring Me Lately.  Hugely.

And, before you tell if you've ever stalked a blog...and then tell me which one...because maybe I want to stalk too!


  1. I stalk Kendi Everyday, which is funny because I found out about her from you!

  2. Thanks Sarah! Love your blog! Glad you love the skirt! Yeah!

  3. I love Where The Kids Grow. She is our "photographer" and I love watching what kinds of perspectives she comes up with next to describe everyday family life.
    P.S. I sorta stalk your blog...there are others I read but you are the most down to earth out of the bunch. I have "borrowed" your "borrowed" inspirations a few times too!

  4. Oh my. I want to look like her with her style and hair when I'm 40. That is too cute to be 40. And that are rocking that skirt!!

  5. Adorable skirt! Love it.

    How fun is Funky Vintage Lovely? She's also 2 whole days younger than me. If that's what 40 looks like, I guess I don't mind.

  6. I get inspiration all over the place!!! Oh man - have you checked out pinterest? Inspiration-ville. (AKA - time sucker)

    Love the skirt!


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