Friday, June 17, 2011

Two Dollars

It's Friday.

{Deep inhale...deep exhale}

I'm so glad.  I love you, Friday.

Anyways...I do have a point to this post.  Sorta.  Last week, at the crack of dawn, I was lamenting to my running buddies about how sick I am of my summer tank tops being so low-cut.  I rarely wear tank tops alone...unless it's 100 degrees out (because my triceps are, well...missing), but I do wear them under low cut t-shirts and dresses in hopes of maintaining some sense of modesty.  I am not a fan of the cleavage.

(I  just had to actually click on spell checker for "options" on how to spell cleavage because I tried several versions that didn't work...see, not a fan ;)

So I came up with a genius plan.  At least it seemed genius at 6 am.  My plan was to shorten the straps of my tank tops, just tack them a little with the sewing machine.  Easy peasy.  Turns out, not. so. easy.  The material on tanks is streeeetchy, and doesn't stay together when trying to cram it under the sewing machine pedal thingy.  I thoroughly ruined about 3, and the other 3 look terrible, but I decided to wear them anyway.

But here's the good part.  Wednesday I ran into the local CVS (and by local, I mean 10 miles away) to get some {insert item I can't remember} and passed the seasonal stuff only to find THESE:

The neckline is PERFECT!  When I look down while carrying around a one-year old, I see no boobs.  Yipee!  Even better, they're $2 a piece.  TWO.  Yeah baby.

They do run a little small...which then made me think maybe they're made for a 10 year old...but I don't care, I'm totally wearing them.

Hello, my name is Sarah, and I buy tank tops at CVS.  

Good times.

Enjoy your weekend lovely blog friends...I'm heading to IKEA with some friends...perfection.


  1. I'm the exact same way- I wear them everyday. I have gotten some cheap undershirts at Old Navy, but never $2! Great find!

  2. Ditto, ditto and ditto! We don't have CVS here but I'll definitely be checking Walgreens and RiteAid for tanks this year. Genius! I've had some success shortening the straps of tank tops, but you're right, it can be tricky. Even if I have a top on that doesn't need little coverage at the neckline, I feel naked not wearing one underneath! Ha.

  3. you should go back to CVS and buy them all and sell them to your friends who don't have a CVS, like me! what a great find!

  4. 12-arrows has an excellent idea. We are CVS-less in CO! And I hate cleavage, too.

    Have fun at IKEA. The first store in Colorado is opening in about a month and we've collectively lost our minds over it.

  5. wow, I want to find some like that! So tired of feeling exposed just cause I want to feel cooler in the heat. Great find!

  6. A trick I learned - and you can't do this with ALL tanks - is to wear it backwards. You get a higher neckline in the front, and a little scoop in the back. It works especially well when you're wearing the tank under another shirt.

  7. I have the same problem. It's very frustrating.

  8. Hey, Adolphs said Old Navy tanks are going to be $2 tomorrow.


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