Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm Rude Like That...

I'm so rude.  I totally left everyone hanging on my flesh-eating-canker/no-sugar-insanity post.  I hope none of you lost sleep.

Never fear.  I salted the thing like a mad woman and in a few days it was good. to. go.  You guys gave me some great advice.  Who needs Google when you have blog friends?

Also, I'm on day 18...or 19 (I've lost track) of very VERY little processed sugar.  I cut my carbs down too, because when I eat them, my body ends up craving sugar even more.  By about day 8, I wasn't craving it nearly as bad...and by day 10 I knew it wasn't quite long enough to break my pumpkin spice latte and I'd totally fall off the wagon.

It's empowering to tell myself no.  I feel better.  I only ran once the past couple weeks (I'm on a lazy-sleep-loving streak right now) and I still managed to lose eight pounds.  Eight pounds of sugar!


  1. Wow! Can't believe you lost that much sugar weight. That's awesome. Congrats. Maybe I should try that myself. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks, I needed more motivation I keep trying to cut sugar...never get very far.


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