Sunday, September 18, 2011


I am so excited to share something with you.  I mean SUPER excited.  

But first, I must fill you in on the back story, because isn't that the way to hook you?  Make you emotionally attached?  Oh wait, maybe that just works for me...

I'm from a small town.  Not nearly as small as tiny town where I currently live.  Small town is about 10,000 times bigger than tiny town.  Confused yet?  So, in a small town, it seems that every one's lives criss-cross in some way or another.  Growing up, I found that rather annoying.  But as an adult, I've come to adore it.  It's a part of me.

Growing up, I had a friend from school (who also lived close to me) we'll call her Shera...because that's her name.  I loved going over to her house.  Shera had a little niece named Haleigh.  Haleigh was seriously the cutest little thing I'd ever seen.  I remember I couldn't get over how tiny and petite she was.  Isn't it weird the things your mind remembers?  But I remember loving the atmosphere in their home.  

Shera went to a parochial school with me.  At that stage, I knew about God, but I didn't know Him.  Neither did my family.  But Shera's did.  

I switched schools in fifth grade.  Parochial school turned out to be a bad fit for me.  Just what you want to hear about a pastor's wife, eh?  Shera and I lost friends and such.

At the end of eighth grade, my mom received a call from the pastor of the church we attended, informing her that I would not be getting confirmed with my classmates because I had not been accomplishing my work...on purpose. My lost, distraught mom, decides to accept the invitation of a friend and try a different church.

*side note* 8th grade was not my finest moment.  I also managed to fail band on purpose because my mom would not let me quit.  I knew if I was failing she'd let me drop it.  And she did.  I'm quite sure the band teacher still hates me.  

So we go to the church.  I think the pastor is crazy and inform my mom we are not going back.  But, we go back...and I met Jesus there.  My heart changed.  And most certainly the direction of my life changed...significantly.

Turns out, Shera and her family were also coming to that church.  We had so much fun in youth group together.  And we may or may not have completely stalked DC Talk.  Youth group was crucial in my life.  It was my favorite place to be.  At the end of my youth group years, Shera's brother and his wife (Haleigh's parents) became our youth leaders.  I loved them...still do.

Life, always intertwining.

Little Haleigh is now a beautiful grown young woman.  And she's got a project going on that simply amazes me...and I can't wait to let you in on it. 


Brutal, I know.  But I'll leave you with a little something...there will also be a give away. Yippee!  

See you tomorrow :)


  1. what an awesome story - I love to see the Lord's work amoung his people. Can't wait for tomorrow.

  2. meany...I mean good story...and you have me hooked! lol

  3. My blog reader hasn't been working right...and Haleigh called me and told me about this post.
    Maybe it's dumb...but it makes me cry.
    I might be bawling my eyes out by the time I read the next one.

    Just so you know, this short story doesn't even come close to capture the memories and stories and love wrapped up in our lives.

    Oh Sarah, we love you.


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