Monday, September 26, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Ok, so I have scientifically drawn a winner from the give-away from last week.  

I can prove it.  Sort of.  

I went to which generates all kinds of junk randomly for ya.  I see it on peoples blogs all the time, however, the mystery of how to get it to show up on my blog still eludes me.  Oh well.  

The first time I put the numbers in,  it chose comment number 10, which was Tina, the mom of Haleigh who created the amazing CD.  I'm guessing she has a copy already *wink* so I did it again...which is totally not cheating, right?

The 2nd time I did the random drawing it picked number FIVE.  Which is Jodie.  Yay Jodie!  This cracks me up.  I've only done a few giveaways on this blog, and I sorta think Jodie has won before?!?  Have you won before Jodie?!? is your friend, my friend!

Thanks to all to entered, you're the coolest.  And there's still plenty of time to visit Lullabies for Africa and download it or buy your own copy.  You can even just download your fav songs, if you like.  Every. little. bit.  helps.  


  1. I think it's funny that I won the first time around.
    I never. ever. ever. win.
    And the one time I do... ha.

  2. i have NOT won before, but there was this one thing i did on MY blog and YOU won! remember that? so see, still funny. :)

    i can't wait to enjoy my new loot! thanks again. :)


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