Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mood Swings

This is my first experience with a daughter...a toddler daughter.

Two words:  Mood.  Swings.


That's pizza on her face.  In case you were wondering.

I got a new camera.  It caught the "drool" in both pictures.  Awesome.

  Happy.  Totally mad.  Happy.  Totally mad.  



  1. Ya, my daughter is getting worse every single year. I fear when she's a teenager. Lucy is such a cutie though! What kind of camera did you get. I'm really wanting something better than the cheapo one I have. 90% of pictures are blurry and it's auto-focus. Go figure!

  2. how can she be that old already? Oh and welcome to the world of girls...it has been my life for 26 years! lol

  3. She is SO cute! When she's eight, it might look something like giggle, cry, giggle, cry...gotta love it! :)

  4. This is so funny...I live these scenes in my home everyday. My husband will say, "why is she crying?" and I will simply answer, "because she's a girl!"

  5. Oh my gosh so funny! Lily is 2 and exactly the same way! The slightest stern word will set her off! Those tiny feelings are quite sensitive :)

  6. Yup! There's nothing boring about us girls! So cute :-)

  7. Hahaha! Lucy is so cute, even with all the drama. My 14yo daughter has made some of those same faces lately.

  8. welcome to the wonderful world of daughters!! :)


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