Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Mom Jeans

There's some things I don't want to forget...

Like the way...

I wore a new pair of jeans around the house tonight...with the tags still on.  The boys thought I was nuts.  But I needed to make sure I reeeeally liked them before I tore the tags off.  While I tucked the boys in bed(which is usually Daddy's job, except on his men's Bible Study night)during Jakob's turn to pray, he sweetly prayed for his teacher and her family (who tragically lost their 9 year old son in an accident in September,) he prayed that the lunch menu tomorrow at school would be good, and that his mom would take off the stickers from her pants.  Amen.

(I did, by the way, remove the stickers...I do like them.)

The jeans also have a story.  Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, Ben and I had a few hours to ourselves Saturday night.  We headed to Starbucks and then the mall.  I've been in need of some jeans that fit...running + a vast reduction in sugary treats= smaller size.  FINALLY. 

Side note:  Before you get too excited about the smaller jeans, it's not a big weight loss.  And apparently not noticeable, because not one person has said anything, but it's enough for me to go from "hide my belly that's bulging over my jeans" to "comfy in the next size smaller."  Make sense?

Back to story. I'm not usually picky with jeans...which is likely why I have a closet full of ones that really don't fit right.  So this time I was being choosy.  We walked through the department store: Juniors on right and Women's on left.  In the middle is a denim display of Levis.  They look cute on the mannequin that has only legs so I decide to try them on.  The sales lady, from the women's side asks if I need a room.  She's like seventy years old.  On the way to the fitting room she says, "Have you tried "Not Your Daughter's Jeans before?"

Ummm...here's my thought process:

1 - She's kinda old, shouldn't she think I'm young still?!?  Like shouldn't she have sent me over to the junior section because she was certain I didn't belong in the old lady section?!? Givemeabreak.
2 - As she's leading us to the jeans, I turn around and mouth to Ben not your mothers jeans *eye roll*
3 - Turns out they were fine jeans, just not what I was looking for.

I tried on the Levis and liked them, although the waist IS higher than I'm used to, they were still good.  But, do to the fact I had to try them on in the Womens section, I'm still not sold.  I put them on hold.

20 minutes later, we're walking back through the store, and I head to the Womens register to make my purchase...she sees me coming.  And I turn around and head to the juniors in one last ditch effort to hold onto my youth.  Ben and I scan over the jeans. All the labels say "ultra low rise" which is code for "if you've had babies or are over age 17 your belly is gonna jingle right over it." They also had blingy-bling on the butt pockets, and I am not a blingy-bling on the butt pocket kinda gal.  I'm not against the fake plastic rhinestones...I just don't want them on my backside.  I'm Amish like that.

It's decided.  Back over to the Womens department.  I scan the aisle to the register...it's lined with elastic waist pants...which is apparently where I'm headed to next.  Sheesh.  

Which brings me back to tonight, and me wearing my jeans around the house with tags still on.  

Maybe tomorrow I'll post a picture of my skinny mid-rise women section jeans.  Oh the anticipation...


  1. would love to know what you ended up with! i haven't made the jump to skinny jeans yet - maybe the mid-rise women section will be the right place for me too! :) i am the worst shopper...need someone to just come and dress me!

  2. Oh, Sarah, I love you. That was hilarious! :)

  3. I've been shopping in the women's jean section for a few years now and I'm only 23. Junior's jeans just don't allow room for my runner's thighs. And really, does everyone need to see my buttcrack? Yeah, I don't think so.
    Kohl's has some really awesome jeans, that don't make me feel like I am buying mom jeans.

  4. I have contemplated more than once trying on a pair of those jeans, but the price tag always stops me. 'Cuz it would be a shame to find a comfortable, fabulous fitting jean that I could not afford to buy.

  5. My daughter told me she *loves* the Not Your Daughter's jeans. And she's a 26 year-old, never-been-married, fashion-conscious sales person at Nordstrom's. (Upscale dept. store in TX) I'm going to try them on next time I visit her so I can use her discount if I like them. :)

  6. My daughter told me she *loves* the Not Your Daughter's jeans. And she's a 26 year-old, never-been-married, fashion-conscious sales person at Nordstrom's. (Upscale dept. store in TX) I'm going to try them on next time I visit her so I can use her discount if I like them. :)

  7. This made me laugh! I can totally relate! I too am at a cross roads in jean wearing...where are the jean's for the 30 somethings with babies?

  8. I totally agree with you assessment of jeans selection. Gap 1969 has some nice styles and Silver's are a really nice womanly fitting jean(macy's)...mind you mine are waiting in my closet until I lose the rest of my baby weight...but one day that should happen, I hope. : )

  9. Found you linked up at Finding Joy. Love this post. I couldn't quit giggling. Maybe I could relate. :) Thanks for sharing. Love your blog and ministry. Blessings.

  10. Silly me. I was blog hopping so I had a lapse of memory lost in bloggy world. I found you at Conferrin' With the Flowers. I'm not your newest GFC follower.

  11. I own and love 2 pair of NYDJ.... I was *MAD* when I bought the first pair...bc I really don't want to be 'that' old yet. But they do allow me to tuck in my I've-had-3-children-muffin-top-tummy. :-)


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