Friday, January 20, 2012

Blogging Has Changed

I've been thinking about how different blogging has become, since I started four years ago.  Back then, I was able to join different sets of blogging communities, so to speak.  Of moms, of pastors wives, other Christian women.  And within those little networks there was community.  We read each others posts, commented, followed along in life.  Became friends.  

Over the years, some of them stopped blogging.  And others, like myself, became less diligent at it.  Many kept on keeping on, and I just became totally lazy about commenting.  (Plus, we were friends on Facebook and I can keep up with them that way ;) And my google reader grew.  And grew and grew and grew until I couldn't keep up with all the blogs I wanted to read, let alone comment.

So I became an observer.  Many I check in on whenever there is a new post, but rarely do I comment.  I just observe, and quickly head on to the next thing.  No wonder I ADORE Pinterest.  I get to look at people's AWESOME stuff, and benefit from their AMAZING tutorials, all the while never stopping to say, "Hey Lady, you're genius!"  

Shame on me.

I'm going to do better.  Probably not great...but better.

The End.

PS - It's a snow day here.  The first this year.  Theoretically I would be enjoying having all my kids home, and we would play board games and laugh together.  In reality, they can't stop bickering and are eating me out of house and home.  And Lucy won't take a nap.  Life is hard.  *cough*  


  1. Shame on me, too.
    Your blog is one of my favorites! A few nights ago after reading one of your blog posts, I went to sleep and had a dream. You were in it. Bizarre, huh? The best part was that we were in church, singing praise songs. I looked over at you and thought, "She looks familiar. Oh, it's Sarah from Life in the Parsonage!" :)

  2. Blogging has SO changed!
    And you are right facebook has made it easy to be lazy blog-commentors!(commenters?)
    I am going through the what if I offend someone with my post. Any time I write about friendship I get 2 or 3 emails from irl friends that are like: "Saw your was that ME you were hinting at?"
    Um, maybe, OR maybe I was just generalizing and something hit home for you and now you are just a wee bit guilty and had to make sure I wasn't "mad" at you.
    plus, when things just keep on keeping on, that isn't exciting enough to keep up with some of the hilarity on other blogs right?

  3. I've noticed blogging is changing a bit too. I guess that's life. I've often though of ending my blog, but I like to write my memories and I love the friends I've made. That's what keeps me blogging.

  4. I've been reading your blog now off and on for 2 years (ish) and never commented. This post has encouraged me to say "Hi" and that I LOVE your blog! Thanks for being transparent.

  5. ha ha! and we used to call observers, lurkers!!! :)

    When my kids were young, a big bowl of popcorn and a movie always slowed the bickering down!! at least for an hour! :)

  6. sigh.

    yes, me too... like shifting sands, so are the days of our lives. :) i can barely get a post up once a month let alone comment! i rush through everything so i can get to more, it seems. when i started, there was only myspace (lame)... now there's facebook and pinterest and more and more and more blogs...

    it gets tough to keep up - but like you, i do still read... i just don't comment as much either... especially now with facebook - b/c like you said, it's easier to keep up and be like "real life" friends that way. :)

    ps: that whole snow day thing made me laugh. ain't it the truth.

  7. Thanks so much for the comments ladies!! :)

    You make me happy.


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