Tuesday, March 20, 2012

They'll Call Me Back...

Sometimes life gets so full, that I don't know where to start.  And then I wander around aimlessly.

My blog has become that.  There's so much stuff to write about, that I end up not writing at all, because narrowing it down seems like too much work.  

And then I miss the point.  I miss capturing the moments.  And that my friends, annoys me.  Greatly.

As I sit here, I keep thinking...just pick one thing, ONE thing, any thing and write. it. down.  

Carpet Installers.

That's right.  Our upstairs is ready for the carpet to be laid, and I cannot get an installer to call me back and set a date.  For real.  I've called several.  And they are so nice on the phone, telling me how they can get to it "this week" and they'll call me back "right away" with a date...and then nothing.

The weird thing is, I really truly believe them every. single. time.  Did I mention how nice they are?  They've forced me into stalking them.  And I hate stalking by means of the phone.  If only they had facebook...


We're going on the 3rd week of this.  So this morning, I decided to have Ben call instead.  Maybe they'll like him better?  Maybe.  So Ben called the guy I spoke with yesterday, ya know, the one who would "call me right back."  And Ben explained who he was and the guy was shocked that his installer had not called us back.  He reassured Ben he would talk to him, and "call him back."

I chuckled when Ben told me what he had said.  "You believed him, didn't you."  Ben sheepishly smiled, and admitted he did.  Me too, my dear...me too.


I'm starting to think I could just do it myself.  I mean, I'm pretty handy with a staple gun, and if we never move the furniture around it should be good to go, right?  *cough*

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