Monday, March 26, 2012

Before & After

Turns out, that before & after projects are way more fun to look at when you actually take before photos.  I instead had to do it the hard way and dig through old pictures to see if I might have captured the items in some random photo.  Waste time much?

I have been on a spray painting frenzy.  If there is a condition for this, then I most certainly have it.  *mental note to Google that later*

My latest project was a kitchen set for Lucy, that has been sitting in our basement for several years now.  It was originally Jake's.  *sigh*   Look at him, all little and wearing a bakers hat.  I melt.  We bought him this from Target, and it was a hit with the daddy because it was blue and red and made him feel better about me wanting to get him a kitchen set.  (which Jake totally loved by the way.;)


This picture must have been 2006 or 2007.

The little kitchen needed a make-over.  

Thank you Krylon.


I decided to make a curtain for it (a cheap dishtowel from Target did the trick.) Originally the "curtain" rod had hooks on it to hang utensils and pans...which never actually made it to the hooks.  

Lucy loves it.  I love it.  And all her little girlie friends love it.  Even Jake has had some fun helping his sister play.  Don't tell him I told you.

Up next was her little doll highchair that I bought at a thrift store for $5.  


Try not to be freaked out by the enormous doll.

A little red paint...

Super fun.


  1. I am so stealing your high chair project for my little girl. What a great idea. I've been wracking my brain what to get her for her 3rd birthday. I'm positive my mom has one in her attic. She's one of those hoarder moms who saves everything for just in case. I love your blog.
    Kayleigh from Bentonville, Arkansas!

  2. I like it! Btw, Jack has a kitchen too. He loves to cook! :)

  3. We have that same highchair! It was mine when I was little, and I just repainted it for our daughter (2 yrs this month). I also redid a doll cradle for her that used to be mine. We had to put both of them away, because she wants to get in them herself. Christmas morning (when we gave them to her) was a royal crying mess!!

  4. Adorable! That is the cutest kitchen. Nice job. Love the curtain.


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