Tuesday, April 10, 2012

His for Mine

I know technically Easter is a once a year holiday.  But around here, for me, Jesus and the cross...it's a daily thing.  Because what He did, and my faith in that, makes me who I am.  I can't separate from it.  

Remembering what He did.  Why He did it.  Where I'd be without His gift...His life for mine.  

A faith, and relationship with God...who is very much Alive.

So once a year, we get dressed up extra special for church and we take pictures.  Hunt eggs and gorge on chocolate...but the real celebration of the resurrection is so much more than that one day.

Side note:  Turns out I've been enjoying the Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs almost daily as well...that relationship needs to end...and least that's what my jeans-that-are-too-tight are trying to tell me.


  1. Nice family picture.. I guess I haven't seen a picture of the boys in awhile because they looked so grown up. Handsome boys, beautiful girl, what a lucky Momma... :)

  2. Very true! I've always felt that it was a little "off" that we take months to celebrate Christmas but just a weekend to reflect on Christ's death and resurrection. Not that His birth wasn't important, but it doesn't mean anything without the perfect life, death, and resurrection that followed! It's basically the only real reason we have for hope!

    And I'm RIGHT there with you on the Reese's :)


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