Monday, April 9, 2012

Before & After

We are all about hand-me-downs here in the parsonage.  We love reallllly love them.  

There's something about broken-in stuff that is just...easy.  I mean, the fact that it's free helps....but there's something about the fact that it's already broken-in that just makes my family love it more. This winter, I bought the boys new coats...and then a few weeks later they received hand-me-down ones from my cousins.  Guess which ones they wore all winter?  Not the new ones.  

We're weird.

Whatever.  Back to my story.

My mother-in-law has furnished a vast majority of our home with her extra furniture.  When we first got married, we "borrowed" some stuff, ya know, to use until we got around to actually buying furniture.  Portions of it we've been borrowing for close to 14 years now.  

New is terribly over-rated.  It has no story.  No past.  No memories.

Unlike these beauties:

They are my mother-in-laws.  But had been living at my sister-in-laws.  And then made it back to my mother-in-laws and then she offered them to me.

And of course you know what I said.  

And after a little paint and a clearance curtain panel from Target, they look like this:

There's four of them in total.  Two have found a home at the dining table and two others are hanging around the rest of the house.  

Adorable, right?


  1. So cute! You are really smart and clever to redo them like that. Now they will go on to give even more years of pleasure.
    New stuff in the stores look so shoddy and carelessly made, I really love the old stuff better also. Plus, I can't afford the new stuff anyway, so it's all good! Ha!

  2. i LOOOOOOOVE your dining set! the gray aqua combo of chairs is adorable! and the orange tulips are the perfect finishing touch. :)

  3. We love the same thing in this parsonage too. We got an offer of an old (new to us) couch. And it was great because ours had many holes. A lamp, some candlesticks, an area rug and a pot with some long grassy greens. We jumped at this. We have to wait 4 more weeks before her new couch comes bu we repainted the whole room, brought things from different rooms for a new look of decorations and now we decided we need new carpet. All because of a free couch - love it though !!!!
    Your chairs are great.

  4. That is very cute! And it all goes together quite well!

  5. Love it Sarah, you are so creative! The colors are perfect!

  6. Sarah I think the accent chir idea is great! So great infact I'm sharing it on the blogs facebook page tomorrow!


  7. yes, adorable.

    and you know, i'm with you... i love, love, LOVE used things. new things, especially housewares, they just don't have the character of the old stuff. i'd much rather something that's been loved a while. :) especially furniture.... makes my heart beat faster just thinking about it.

    i love hand-me-downs. :) i'm happy for you for your newly acquired seating. :)

  8. Super cute! New IS overrated, especially when you have kiddos :)

  9. I love that idea and how it came out! Very pretty!


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