Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Have a Favor to Ask...

Generally, I don't wildly advertise in internetland my exact location.  Instead, we call it tiny town...because darn it, that's just cute.  And vague.  Because there are axe murderers out there, after all.  But statistically, I'm more likely to be harmed by some weirdo that's already in my life, than by a stranger.  

And there are fruit trees on the line here people.  So I'm out of hiding...for fruit trees.  I'll explain later in this post, don't worry.

We moved to tiny town in 2005.  In 2008, you may recall that we had an EF5 tornado go through the edge of our town.  Two weeks after the tornado, we had a flood that covered most of the town that had not been devastated by the tornado.  You can read about it here.

During that time, I wrote this post.  And of the 800 some posts I've written, that is the most significant to me.  I remember the ache I felt for our town.  And I so clearly remember God speaking that truth to my heart.  And since then, it's a moment I go back to...when I need to remember how big my God is.  When I need to remember how He brings beautiful things from ashes.  

Tiny Town emerged from near ruin, and God is showing Himself here. I'll admit, the general observer from the outside may not catch it.  We don't impress by what we have...but by who we are.  And sure, there's plenty who have some great life struggles here...but where can you go that doesn't?  Manicured lawns, and fancy stores look great from the outside, but on the inside...it's all the same struggles.

Since 2008, many in our community have worked so hard to bring restoration and healing to a a town that needed it.  Right now, our tiny town is in the running to receive a fruit orchard.  But we need help.  We're tiny...and we need votes.

If you would be so kind, you can go to this website and register (it's fast and easy, I promise) and vote once every day.  

How fun is an orchard?!?  FUN.

So, you can go HERE and vote for New Hartford, IA.  That's right, New Hartford aka Tiny Town. (see I told you tiny town sounds cuter;)

You'll also get a coupon from Edy's, who is sponsoring the orchard.



  1. Voted! And I posted on my Facebook too, lol! The little story on the site brought tears to my eyes. God bless that sweet little town!


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