Friday, August 3, 2012

Bet Ya Didn't Know...

This summer was quite possibly the fastest summer ever.  My kids go back to school in 12 days.  


I'm a little bi-polar about that.  Happy, sad, happy, sad.  Ultimately's gotta happen.

We have sucked the life out of summer this year.  Ate it up, completely and entirely.  I think we can thank The Summer List for that.

I documented it all; in my head.  And with pictures.  But somehow, it never managed to make it to the blog.  #kickmyself.  But it's stuff I don't want to forget, so I'm going to attempt to go back through the last month (or so) and catch up.  

But just for kicks, let's start with today.

  • We have a drought going on.  Four years ago we had a flood, and now we have a drought.  It gives us something to talk to each other about at the post office, gas station, and any other awkward opportunity for conversation.  
  • Julie is BACK.  I picked her up from the airport the other night.  But that is gonna get it's own blog post...
  • I think I have hermit tendencies.  It's more fun and friendly to say I'm a "home-body"  but really I think I could live as a hermit...if people would just leave me alone.  *wink*   Now don't get me wrong.  I said hermit, and not hoarder.  I thoroughly enjoy throwing things away.  
  • Next week we are taking Lucy's pacifier away.  God help us all. 
  • I'm utterly addicted to the Olympics.  Gabby Douglas, she trained in Iowa.  That's right, for two Olympic's in a row, Iowa has produced two gold medalists.  Take that Russia.  
Now for the playing catch-up posts to begin...

And, if you would like, you can leave me a comment and we can discuss ever-so-awkwardly how the weather has been in real life...and it will be just like you saw me in person.  At the gas station...where I frequent often for fountain pop and fried cheese curds.  

Oh, one last thing:  I'm cooking with the convection mode on my oven tonight.    This is the exciting information you've missed out on for the past month.  Exciting.  


  1. Is it wrong that we have never met, nor that I know Julie, but that I am excited she is back too??
    I can't believe you have fried cheese curds at the gas station! It will soon be state fair time and then, then I shall feast on cheese curds and basically anything you can fry and put on a stick...dep fried snickers bar...oh yes! Mac and cheese deep fried on a stick...mmhmm. Deep fried pickle chips...Yeppers! I also can't believe your kiddos go back to school in 12 days, mine start after labor day. Sometimes it's a good thing, but like you, I am bi- polar about it too. Good luck with the paci, we had the nookie fairy come and leave a present so a new baby could have the nookies. ( Nick put them in an envelope and in the mailbox and the fairy left a gift that night)

  2. cheese curds? here's the part where i go all My Cousin Vinny on you. what exactly is a curd?

    also, i love that you say fountain "pop". :) i'd love to hear you say that in real life. or you know irl like the yoots say.


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