Friday, August 3, 2012


My kids have a butt-load of cousins.  What?  You say boat-load?  You must be classy.  Or not from Iowa.  Or both.  I actually probably can't blame it on all Iowans, this may be just my own improperness.  

We're land locked, we barely have the need for boats.  But butts...

Anyways.  We did a lot of hanging out with cousins this summer, because frankly:  Cousins are the best.  They're friends AND family and they have the same mutual understanding that no one else anywhere in any other family is as awesome as you are together.  

Seriously, my cousins and I still hold to this sacred truth.  And so do my kids.

They owned the slip and slide like no one's business.

This is one set of cousins.

And who can conspire together better than cousins?  No one.

And who can torment each other better than cousins?

Why, even sweet little Lucy knows the answer to that.  No one.  

She kept standing right in the way, giving them her best blank stare, while they yelled "Lucy, MOVE!!!"  

Sister knows.

She knows that there's no one better to sit with in the pool and snack on soggy cheese puffs than...a cousin.

We love cousins.

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  1. It is butt load. I can fake classy and my dad's side of the family is from Wisconsin/Iowa. Cousins are great! Looks like a lot of fun!


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