Friday, August 3, 2012


A hair-cut post is loooong overdue.  In my early days of blogging (the first two years)  all of internet land got a haircut pic every 6 weeks.  And then a year and a half ago I decided to grow it out so I could donate to locks of love.  Which means I only get a trim every 12 weeks or so and it always looks the same.  Very boring.  But I can put up with the boring since it's for a good cause.  

I do, on occasion, complain about it though.  Mostly because I feel more like me, with short hair.  But another couple of inches and I will have enough to donate.  Yay!

This picture is right after I had gotten it cut.  My stylist and I like to "fight" over bangs or no bangs.  I always want bangs.  Then she tries to talk me out of it, and I pretend to say "ok" and then she pulls the bobby pin out of my bangs (that I have swept to the side) and she sees that I ALREADY TRIED to cut them myself....and then she just shakes her head and fixes them for me.  

I can't help it. I love bangs.

My super lovely stylist, also named Sarah (because half the people in my life have the same name as me) always flat irons it super straight.  She's all patient like that.  I have no arm muscles, so I never do that.  Too much work. She also put some red lipstick on me.  Which is funny, because I'm way too boring for red lipstick.  

And this pic....

Is me.  Chapstick and hair that is semi under-control.  Ignore the ironing board in the background.  


  1. You look great in bangs. And red lipstick too. ;-)

    I never get my hair cut as much as I should.


  2. keep the bangs. and the red lipstick.

  3. Your blog just always makes me smile! And, I think you look adorable just the way you style yourself :) Wishing you a day filled with HIS GOODNESS! Sweet blessings!


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