Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Where I'm At

I don't plan out blog posts.  Mostly because I want to be me...and I'm a procrastinator.  So whatever I'm writing about, is just me, where I'm at.  

This fall I have been teaching/leading three different areas of ministry within our little church.  We're little, which means most of the core group is serving in more than one area.  I often think maybe that's the reason some people avoid little churches...you're needed.  And life is busy, and the more I talk to people, the more I realize that each of us acknowledges each others busyness, but secretly, we think we're the busiest.  

And maybe we are.  And if that's true, then that's sad.  But busy is not the point of this post.  Digression.

Ministry is where I'm currently at.  

God has been messing with me in lots of different areas.  Which I'm planning to share with you over the next few days.  Frustrations, anger, complaining, people pleasing, fear of man...it's ugly.

Teaching spiritual stuff is so very good.  And so very hard.  And has been absolutely essential in my spiritual growth.  

It requires time.  And preparation.  And God wants me to get what I am teaching (that's where the hard part comes in.)  It requires commitment.  And prayer.  I can't decide I don't feel like going.  It requires putting other people above myself.  It requires inconvenience...which may be the very definition of servant hood.  It requires obedience.  It requires being held to a higher standard.  And for me, it's what God uses to change me, mold me.  

These three areas of ministry have not caused the "busy-ness" and hassle that you would think they should.  They're producing growth...and growth, in regard to myself, is almost always painful.  But in the end, it produces something so beautiful, not just for myself, but for those around me.  It boils down to this:  Jesus makes a difference in my life.  I want other people to know He can make a difference in theirs too.  And that makes all the requirements minuscule in comparison.

If you have never taught, or led in an area of ministry in your church:  You should.  Period.  And I don't mean greeting at the door, or working in the nursery once a month (those are great things, and still do those :) but I mean going beyond the ministry that just requires you to show up.  In fact, do it regularly.  Not constantly, but regularly.  Because in the end, what do our beliefs mean if we aren't willing to give of ourselves for His glory?

You will not learn enough, or grow enough by just showing up on Sunday or Wednesday or whatever day.  That's what your pastor wants to tell you, but can't because you're too busy telling him how busy you are.  Just kidding!...that's what his wife wants to tell you. ;)

Till tomorrow...or ten days from now.


  1. I have been the biggest slacker when it comes to blogging, and well, serving in church. We go to a massive church, like five campus' 30,000 on the weekends...hubs and I led a small group, were in two others and I did women's bible study.not all at the same time, but over the 12 years of going to this church, we have watched it grow and GrOW. As much as I love the teaching and music, I long for the intimate connections in small churches. It's kinda like blogging in that when I started it was this little thing that a few of us did, and now...well everybody has a "brand" a niche. I like buttered toast, I'm not really into fros gras on crustini...
    (Probably spelt that wrong) I'm simple. I like easy. But nobody said following Jesus was easy...
    He has been moving things around on me. I should get back to blogging...
    I don't enjoy the growing periods, but a am always amazed by the results. Great post.

  2. "each of us acknowledges each others busyness, but secretly, we think we're the busiest."

    I love this because it is SO TRUE...

    Glad your back I missed hearing about your sweet family.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement ladies! I've missed you guys too!

  4. I think God has you and I in very similar places. Many years God has cautioned me to guard my time in ministry to put my family first. Still true, but THIS year he has clearly spoken that it is the year of "yes Lord". And so, I find myself with my fingers and toes in many ministries, and most of them involve prep and teaching. Whew! I am constantly amazed at how God has sustained Dave and I during this season of life and ministry.

  5. Oh, this is SOOO true! We go to a pretty large church and I have to tell you, you might think that would mean there would be more people to serve but the needs are bigger too, and it seems like the same percentage of people are serving as in a small church. I think in a bigger church, it's easier for people to just come and blend into the woodwork and assume that everything will get taken care of by somebody else. And for the people who are serving, it's hard not to get burned out.

    We've been leading a small group for the past couple of years and heard the busy excuse so many times. It's frustrating. I want to say, "We're busy too! I don't always feel like making my house presentable every week or making snacks or trying to get people to open up during accountability time or sharing my struggles or giving up time w/my husband so he can prepare for questions and discussion." But you are right. It's GOOD. It's good for me to be forced to be unselfish. Like you said, it's painful. But in a good way.

    Anyway...all of this to say, I can understand where you are coming from!

  6. Just what I needed to hear while settling into a new church with new people and new ways. Thanks :)


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