Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The complexities of Garlic Bread...

Because I love a bullet-point list:

  • Jake (9) just told Lucy (4) to control her anger.  
  • Our gourmet supper of penne noodles, jar pasta sauce, and frozen loaf of garlic bread are simmering and boiling and baking.  Wednesday night in this ministry family is craziness.  
  • I could, on my own, eat a whole loaf of garlic bread.  I wish I were kidding.  
  • I'm going to totally regret feeding it to my family...and it has nothing to do with my poor nutritional standards, but rather the fact that garlic-breath make me want to barf.  And they're gonna have it.  Bad.
  • I'll have to avoid it.  After all, in a hour I get to tell a gaggle of kids that Jesus loves them, and I probably shouldn't do that with breath that smells like Hades.  Mixed messages are not good.  
  • Lucy just walked in and declared that she doesn't like this kind of food.  It's *probably* because she's eaten a bowl of cheerios, a slice of toast, two hard-boiled eggs (minus the yolk) and and apple in the past hour.  Oh but wait:  She does have room for the garlic bread.  Lovely.
  • Every meal I have to yell at one of the kids to GET OUT OF THE LIVING ROOM and EAT IN THE KITCHEN.  It will be a miracle if all four ever obey the rule at the same time.  
  • Lucy just came out of the bathroom with her water bottle.  She's taken to filling it up in the bathroom because it's easier to reach the faucet.  I'm all for supporting independence...
  • Why oh why did I buy the garlic bread?  Even the dog is gonna have bad(er) breath.  
  • How can something that tastes so good, make you smell so bad?!?  I feel like that could be a sermon illustration.  Ben is so lucky to have me.
  • Mouthwash for everyone.  
  • And just like that, supper is over.  But the mess, oh it's still here.  
  • The struggle is real, people.

Wow.  It's only day 8 of blogging.  Just think what is in store by the time we hit the early 20's of October.  Look out.  

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  1. Ha! Do you like olives? The kids might stay away from this one, so you can devour it yourself. It's dangerous...


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