Thursday, October 9, 2014

This Time My Vanity Lost

This is what happens in our house in between watching a 7th grade football game and waiting for the pizza to get done at the gas station.  

You have to kill time somehow.  Is there really anything better than a dancing wiener dog?  *rhetorical question*

Our house is divided.  Some (me) think Nelson is trying to dance with me.  Other people (who are just jealous of my awesome moves) think he's trying to get me to stop my dancing.

Two things before you watch: 1 - I specifically instructed my middlest son to AVOID video-ing my rear.  Again, no one listens to me.  2 - My vanity chose against showing the video.  3 - But how can I not share with you a dancing wiener dog video?  

Ha.  That was 3 things.  Not two.  

Shake it Off.

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