Monday, July 19, 2010

Goodbye Odie, We Miss You...

Let's chat.  I need to fill you in on life.

Last Thursday, we had to put our dog Odie to sleep.  *Sigh*

If you've read for long, you may recall that last summer we found out Odie had a tumor.  Being that he was 10 years old, which is a "ripe old age" for a wiener dog, we decided to just enjoy the 6 months to a year, that the vet said he had left.

Odie made it a full year from his diagnosis, and he did indeed live it up this year.  Several months ago he decided he no longer wanted to eat dog food.  He was livin' the dream livin' on table scraps.

And his favorite thing...

We knew it was time, for various reasons, but man, it was tough.  Our whole family had been preparing ourselves this past year to say goodbye.  But it really doesn't make it any easier.  Odie had only been in our home for 3 years, but he really had become one of the parsonage family.  I went back through my old blog posts, so I could smile at some of his antics that I'd previously written about.  (I ended up using the google thing on the left side of my blog because apparently I'm really bad at labeling my posts well...note to self.)

Watching the boys grieve has been the hardest.  We buried him at Ben's parents farm, and we'll  be able to visit whenever we want.  But our felt empty without Odie.  

There were many a day that I thought I might rip out my hair from his annoying barking. :)  But,'s just endearing.  We loved him.  And he loved us...just like it's supposed to be when you have a dog.  

Nothing can replace Odie.  But, like a good friend said, we still have room to love another.  

And so we did.  You'll get to meet him tomorrow.


  1. Dang... im so sorry little odie :( So sad for you guys..

  2. Aww, Sarah, I'm so sorry for your family's loss. Will be praying, especially for the boys. can't wait to meet the new addition, though. :)

  3. Sorry to hear that Sarah. I know all too well how painful that is. We had to put both of our dogs to sleep just in the past few months. Our black lab had an oral tumor and our golden retriever just couldn't move anymore from old age. So heartbreaking. We had our golden for 13 years. He was certainly a part of our family. Thinking of all of you as you deal with your loss.

  4. I am so sorry and just cried reading this. Dog are such an important part of our lives and I am so glad that y'all got to spend a year with him!!

  5. I guess I need to proof what I send first!! What I meant to say is DOGS, not dog and I am so glad that y'all got to spend a year of quality time with him before he he went on. I know he was so very loved!

  6. And now, go watch that Marleigh and Me movie and you'll all bawl your eyes out. Even to this day I can pick up my first dogs collar that I saved in a shoe box and start crying! Pets are the best friends ever!

  7. Thinking of you guys... what a tough thing.
    Our pets are part of the family, and it does leave a hole in your heart.
    Can't wait to meet the new guy (or gal)!

  8. Sorry to hear about Odie! Can't wait to meet your newest addition :}

  9. I'm not sure if you have ever seen it, but there is a book called "Dog Heaven" by Cynthia Rylant. I have bought it for people before and inscribed the inside of the book to the dearly departed dog. It may be of some comfort to you all. We had to give our last dog away to be adopted (can't have dogs chasing livestock on the farm) and it broke my heart... he had only been with us for a year. They slide right into our hearts pretty quickly.

  10. I am pretty certain Odie is enjoying himself in Heaven. I so totally believe their are animals there . . . although many people will disagree. You see, Heaven is a beautiful place ~~~ too beautiful to imagine . . . God's creations are beautiful and so is the love He gives. Heaven has to have animals in it . . . especially dogs because they love unconditionally.
    Don't you think so?

    Love to you and yours.

  11. Our sweet kitty had to be put to sleep due to a feline illness this year. It was very difficult to say goodbye to him, we'd had him for 8 years....but, "Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened." Dr. Seuss

  12. I have had to say goodbye to 2 dogs and I swore I'd never have another. Then our family decided we should have a dog.
    They are our best and most loyal friends. Yes, they do annoying things like bark and lick, but then they also reach a place in our hearts that we don't normally hold open. I am so sorry that Odie is gone from your everyday lives, but I honestly believe they are waiting for US to come home. ;)

  13. I'm sorry. That's a hard thing to go through, especially for the kids.

  14. I'm so sorry to hear about sweet Odie. It's a hard thing to go through, for everyone in the family. I'm glad to hear though that there is another... can't wait to meet him :)


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