Monday, April 14, 2008

Good Enough

I re-learned some things about myself this weekend.
  1. I get all these great project ideas in my head...and then I plunge ahead, and midway though, think to myself...."WHY!?!? Why couldn't you just leave it alone!?!?" Every. Single. Time.

  2. I am NOT a perfectionist. Not even close. I sometimes like to pretend I am...but I'm not. I'm the... "Yeah, that's good enough" kinda person.

  3. My husband always steps in to help with the project...without ever saying..."Why on earth, woman!?!" (that's what I would say, if I were him :)

Apparently I was inspired by the ceiling fan this weekend. Inspired enough to begin the dreaded task of taking down the wallpaper in the hallway and then painting. In my sounded easy. In real life...not so much.

Old home + Old walls + Old wallpaper + Me = Big Fat Mess!

Here's the Journey...

Old wallpaper, which I'm sure in its day, was fantastic.

The beginning of scraping...seemed like fun...
The more we scraped...the more trouble we found...

This was all over the's fun to track all over, I guess.

Here is Jake in front of the partially finished wall. A lovely shade of "gingerbread"

I really do love the quirkiness of old homes. And I really do love the odd texture that the uneven walls created when I painted over it. It's perfectly imperfect....and good enough!


  1. I love it when the wallpaper rips off the sheet rock. That is a barrel of fun! Looks like you got a top-notch work crew! It's hard to find good workers these days!

  2. I went through this process two years ago when we bought our house. i didn't care for beige wallpaper with wheat on it. Call me crazy! And yes, I did peel most of the sheet rock off!

  3. yeh now you are done and get to enjoy it!!

  4. UGH! I'm a good enough kind of person too. My husband is not. Therefore around here the projects are all his! Oh the chaos of those works in progress just about sends me over the edge! Way to go on making it through!

  5. Super cute! I love home makeovers and you did good!

  6. You are a brave, brave woman! A nice outcome, too! I love a happy ending!

  7. Ugh...wallpaper, it is a lot of work to remove. Your end result looks great though. I love the color!

  8. Check out this site...
    I used it a few times at my old house where I had plaster walls. It works really great for uneveness and places where there was wallpaper that you can't get off. You have to scroll down for the tissue effect and that is the best one! Just in case you have paper somewhere else! : )

  9. O.K. my kitchen's next!!! You got out of helping with my living room so the kitchen is definitely yours!:)

  10. I LOVE, love, LOVE any shade of brown... and I have painted over several layers of wallpaper!

    GOOD JOB... to all of you!!

  11. I think the wall turned out nicely. The color is yummy.

    I am the same way about being "good enough", and it drives my husband batty. He's more of a perfectionist, which drives me batty. You should see us painting a room together.

  12. i hate it when those ideas in my head never turn out near as great or as easy as my mind had conceived. way to go though! :)

  13. Having spent our first 17 years of marriage in a house that was nearly 100 years old, I feel your pain! Plaster walls that have a death grip on that old wallpaper that only comes off in teeny-tiny little pieces...I'm proud of you for starting, finishing and then getting those walls painted already. Our projects in our old house would often drag on for months! I love your phrase "perfectly imperfect" very true. Be careful, you're on a roll now...Heaven only knows what you'll be inspired to do next! ; )

  14. Awesome pictures and not being a perfectionist is a WONDERFUL thing!! Perfectionism is actually sin yet so many of us strive for it. Good for you girl. SOmetimes ya gotta let your good enough be good enough. How awesome that you have embraced that. You are a healthy mama!

  15. Taking off wall paper is no fun at all, but it's so worth it when you get that fresh coat of paint on! Looks great, Sarah!


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