Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It Is That Bad...

I'm having one of those weeks, where I have a bunch of stuff that needs to get done...and I haven't fully completed any of it. I start one project, and instead of completing it, I get distracted by something else...which is what this post is going to be...distracting.

I give you...the dining room wall:See those lovely spots? I did that. Our walls our textured (because they're really old and texture hides cracks) so when the boys, throw stuff at them or fall into them, the paint rubs off leaving white scuff marks all over the place. I decided to fix them...with the WRONG color of paint. Apparently I have a little obsession with the mocha/gingerbread color...5 different gallons of it in the basement, none matching this wall. Where is the paint?!? I've driven myself nuts trying to find I will have to re-paint the entire ROOM. Nice going, Sarah. I could kick myself.

Next: The desk in our home-office:

What you can't see, is the four other canvas baskets filled with more papers that are begging to be filed/shredded. The problem is...the computer...evil little Dell is sitting right there on THAT desk. I start sorting, and then I hear the blogs calling me...or those dang Webkinz games (but I don't want to discuss that.)

And, in case I've deceived you all with the magical abilities that the flash of a camera has on softening flaws...I give you me, in all my scuzziness. No make-up, hair hasn't been washed in 2 days...TWO days...don't worry...I'm FOR SURE getting in the shower after I get this posted. Seriously, ya'll should be feeling pretty darn good about yourselves right now, am I right!?!

When I logged on this morning I found some sweet, sweet comments from a new blog friend, Jodie. She was commenting on this post. She wrote that she "bet's my scuzzy isn't that bad." So sweet of her. So wish she was right :)

Let's all praise God today for shampoo, and make-up...and flash photography! (Although I am SO PROUD of myself for FINALLY figuring out how to turn off the flash on my camera!! WOO HOO! Go me.)


  1. I walked into my bathroom this morning after stripping all the wallpaper off yesterday and thought 'oh my! what have I done?'

    I just love your blog! It always makes me smile. Thanks for being so real. I am adding you to my blogroll ;o)

  2. Happy Shower! You'll feel MUCH better!
    I'll help paint the living room if you want help. We can banish the kids to the basement playroom.
    Or better yet, enlist some grandma help!
    Love you!

  3. Oh, my. I don't think you could look scuzzy if you tried, girl! What, does your hair do itself? Is it sad that 2 days is, like, normal for me?? I wear it down styled the first day, and wear it up the second day, then wash. lol, okay maybe I should try a little harder, eh? :) Good post.

  4. For the record, I used to shower and do my hair everyday! Ya know, before kids, and housework, and errands, and step-kids. My poor husband. Also for the record, that third day is usually at teh end of the day. LOL, shush me up.

  5. I have been there before! I get so aggrivated at days like that. PS- You're such a natural beauty.

  6. I agree w/Natalie. I think your "scuziness" isn't happening - you are beautiful!

  7. I noticed you kind of did a side, half view of yourself. I think that's only being half authentic. :) Just kidding. :) I know it takes bravery to post non makeup pictures on the blog. You though have no reason for fear. :)
    Good job on learning your camera! :)

  8. you don't even know scuzzy girl!!! it's noon, i'm in my jammies, and i'm on here!!! ugh!!! love it! and by the way- you don't even need makeup so what are you talking about???

  9. Wendi: You are TOTALLY right!! I can't give you the full view...ya'll aren't ready for that :)

  10. You look great, even at your scuzziest. I wish I looked that good without makeup and I wish I could go two days without washing my hair. You could literally be able to fry an egg with the amount of grease from my head if I waited that long.

    I see you met my friend, Jodie. She's one of my real-life friends. Now, ya'll don't get too chummy. Remember you were my friend first. (Hee, Hee)

  11. What a pretty scuz ball you are! :-) I so relate to you. Sometimes my motivation is just naught.

  12. Ok. If you look that good with no makeup and no shower....well, you seriously have nothing to worry about. I am on my second day of non-washed hair, too, and the results are not pretty .....which reminds me, I need to jump in the shower before church now. :)

    My living room is that exact same color! Nice choice!

  13. I think this is the first time that I have seen you without makeup! what a doll you are!!!!! you have nothing wot worry about! you aren't even scarry! hey! I like this "Jodie" too! You are leading me to sooo many neat blogs! My list just keeps getting longer!!!
    love you!

  14. I feel your pain on the piles to be shredded or filed...I am right there with you girlfriend!

  15. You totally don't look scuzzy to me. Plus, your haircut is great! I have the same one except my hair is very wavy and poofy. It looks more birds-nesty after 2 days. :)

  16. Sweet Sarah,
    Your husband is really lucky or should I say truly blessed, if thats what you call scuzzy- I could email you scuzzy i wouldnt want the general public to have to suffer... You are a true beauty and that don't leave you. Pretty skin, great hair, great brows- were you really trying to show off? You know I love your blog, the only thing that could make it better is to see my name on your blog roll:o)
    Be blessed!Lorie


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