Saturday, August 2, 2008


Oh Sitemeter...why do I miss you so? and it's only been a few minutes since we said goodbye. *shedding a little tear*

On with life.

We are off to the lake today. Clear Lake to be exact...and it is not at all clear.

We have a group of friends here in tiny-town. They have (grown-up) toys (campers, boats, snowmobiles, jet skis.) We do not.

They invite us to go along and play...with their toys.

That may make us moochers. *smile* So be it.

Happy Saturday!

PS - know of any other good stat counters other than sitemeter?!? I'm feeling withdrawl already... ;)


  1. Have the BEST time :)

    Google Analytics is good... tells you the different states/cities/blog referrals... how many visits each has made.

    I don't pay much attention, but it's fun to go check once in a while.

    So is site meter the reason I couldn't open your blog last night... ?? I kept getting an error message.

  2. Hey...I'm wondering how you managed to get rid of sitemeter. I'm not able to access it or my blog.

  3. Have you tried
    I use that.

    Have a great time at the lake!!

  4. Oh, you can't reinstall Sitemeter without having the same issues? I thought it was only temporary. Too bad! I've used Statcounter too, and it's pretty good.

    Have a wonderful day at the lake!

  5. I'm hoping SiteMeter gets stuff straightened out and I can just add it again...I might be too lazy to figure out something new :)

  6. OK, we're on at the same time again. Freaky. Have a great weekend. Wish I could go.

  7. What probs are you having with sitemeter....because I have it and am not having any problems?

    As far as the lake husband always says "use your friends wisely"! :)

  8. UH! you have perfect weather today too! have fun!!
    the fair wasn't the same without you.....*tears*
    I work today. *frown*

  9. Hey, we have been there. Wish we could join you in mooching!

    Visit my blog, I left an award for you to add to your collection!


  10. I SO love Jet Skis!! Have a blast! I hope you use sunscreen! At least you wont have a farmers burn like after tornado clean up!

  11. NO! Not moochers - people love sharing their toys - especially when the people they share with think it's SOOO cool.

    Makes them feel good. :)

  12. Love this kind of mooching. Did it myself on Sunday...and the lake was f.i.n.e, yes it was! :-) Hope you enjoyed yourself too.


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