Thursday, August 28, 2008

My 15 Minutes Are Up...

A couple interesting things...interesting to me at least.

Here's what I've decided. Blogging is like therapy. I've never been to (professional) therapy (not that I haven't needed it) but I'm a big supporter of it, for sure, particularly if the therapists knows Who the ultimate healer truly is.

I've been looking back over what I've written over the past few months and it's interesting to see things progress. At the time, the writing itself is therapeutic...and then re-reading it was maybe even more beneficial.

At the end of each month, I go back and print off my blog for the month. (Do you do this?) I'm old school...I like a paper copy. Because for me, it really is kind of like a journal of everyday life...and someday, just maybe my grandson's wife will want to read about how her father-in-law hung from the ceiling fan...I'm just saying.

Another cool thing happened the other friend Sarah called because her mother in law was visiting from out of town and happens read my blog and wanted to meet me in person. I was giddy. That's the first time that anyone has ever WANTED to meet me! Oh sure, I meet people all the time...but I'm pretty sure it's not because they read my blog and actually want to meet me! Made me feel a little famous...or "infamous" as my friend Sarah said ;)

So yesterday, Sarah and Arlona came over for coffee...and I made muffins (which were a little dry and crusty, but lets not talk about that.) Arlona, you totally made my day, thank you!

No worries...the Lord quickly humbled me in my famousness. Last night at Noah's first flag football practice I sat with all my friends...yeah, just me. Not even Eli and Jake would hang around very long before gallivanting off with their little buddies.

Apparently, the flag football parents to do not read my blog *wink wink*

PS - I also got to see another blogger friend (who happens to be the other daughter-in-law to Arlona) this past weekend...I told her I'd wait and post pictures when she gets backs's only fair.


  1. Sorry the flag football folk haven't found out how nifty you are! We'll keep you! And the muffins were great! How was the birthday cake?

  2. I couldn't agree more about blogging being theraputic... and it's nice to have a journal with feedback that includes insight/humor/love to read through too!

  3. I forget so soon about various events that it's helpful for me to document it through writing. I have been meaning to print out "hard copies" to keep. I haven't started and am now afraid my little printer won't be able to take it. I admire you for doing it and being persistant.

  4. Yep...therapy for me too. :) I don't print my blog off but I should...that's a great idea.

    You got to seen Wendi! Oh, I am jealous! I'm sure you all had a great time, can't wait to see the pictures.

  5. Good idea, printing the blog every month.

  6. talk about salt in the wound!! i started printing off my blog posts and loved the idea of putting them in a hard journel. something tangible to pick up and read back. that effort didn't last long and now i'm sure kicking myself i didn't keep it up. i "unintentionally" deleted an old blog of mine...completely...2 years worth.

    oh the pain. now i sit waiting for a response from the dozen emails i've sent to blogger to please restore my who needs therapy. hee hee!

    ahh, but the silver lining...starting over. it's always a fresh way to look at life, huh.

    loved hearing about your sweet encounter too. wonderful i'm sure to see the face behind such wonderful "voices" online.

  7. I had two people at summer camp come up to me and say, "Oh! I read your blog!" Which caused me to gasp, involuntarily, and jump backwards a little with my hand over my mouth.

    Freaky. But in a good way.

    And I totally agree about the therapy. Writing is like that for me too. (And while I journal on the computer, I also print it out every once in a while and paste it in a hard-form book, while my husband mocks me in the background.)

  8. That's a great idea to print all of your blog posts every month. Do you keep them in a notebook or something? I might actually get this done because Lord knows I'm not getting any scrapbooking done. Poor children!

  9. I'd totally want to meet you if you were ever down my way! So don't worry, there's still some of us out here who just don't get out that much!

  10. First, I LOVE therapy! I've needed it ever since my hubby was in Seminary (that was almost 15 yrs ago). Since then, I've been "hooked on therapy!"

    Second, GREAT idea with printing out your blog. You could even get fancy about it and print it in a digital scrapbook and make it into a bound "real-ish" book. OOOO! I think I might start doing that!

  11. Hey Sarah,

    Thanks so much for dropping by today! Sorry I have not been around much.

    I really liked your idea of printing out your posts! (I think I'll do the same.)

    I praying someday, someone will take a peak at what I've shared too. Especially my grand-children!

    You have such a precious personality, I love reading your posts.

    Hey you are famous, and we all love you!!

    OH, loved your new hair cut!!

    Have a blessed day my friend♥

  12. crazy question, but how do you print it off? page by page or all at once.

    What a great idea! Huggs my friend.

  13. YES, I'm with you on the twitter is @holliehixson
    Hopefully my hubby can help me figure it all out this weekend!

  14. You would be very meetable. :) What kind of coffee creamer do you have? . . . I would meet you. lol

    I should start printing, too. thanks for the idea!


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